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As of March 13, 2020, the PUCO is at minimal staffing levels and responses may be delayed. Please use the online contact form here.

Telephone exchange boundary maps

Telephone exchange boundary maps document the service territories of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC). An ILEC is the traditional local telephone company in an area. Statewide ILEC service territory maps are available in two sizes: letter (ANSI A) and poster (ANSI E). 

Maps for Boundary Change Cases

ILECs can modify a telephone exchange boundary by submitting an application to the PUCO. The boundary change process is governed by Ohio Administrative Code 4901:1-6-32. The quadrangle maps that are linked from this page serve as the official source/documentation of ILEC service areas per paragraph (A) of 4906:1-6-32. A list of open, closed, and archived boundary change cases is available on the PUCO docketing website.

The boundaries are drawn on 1:24,000-scale USGS topographic quadrangle maps. The PUCO identifies each map with a map code, consisting of a alphabetic row identifier and a numeric column identifier (e.g. “D5”). If you know the PUCO quadrangle code of the map that covers your area of interest, you can download the map directly from our online directory. If you do not know the map code, use the interactive map to the right to find it. Click the interactive map in your area of interest to identify and view the corresponding topographic map.