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Staff guidelines for electric utility reliability standards under rule 4901:1-10-10(B)

Rules 4901:1-10-10(B)(2), (3), (4), and (5) of the Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.) require each electric utility in the state to file with the PUCO an application to establish company-specific minimum reliably performance  standards, and prescribe what should be included in the application's supporting justification and work papers. The following are guidelines for electric utilities to use in developing their reliability standards applications, supporting justification and supporting work papers.

  1. Service reliability performance standards for CAIDI and SAIFI should be calculated by averaging historical performance and using the average as a baseline for adjustments that would result in a proposed standard.
  2. Historical system performance should include at least five years of reliability performance data or an explanation of why that is not possible. Such performance data must reflect the exclusion of major events and transmission outages as defined in rules 4901:1-10-1(T) and (GG), O.A.C., respectively.
  3. The application should separately quantify the adjustment that the electric utility proposes for each factors it believes should be considered in adjusting the average historical performance to develop the standard. All factors listed in rule 4901:1-10-10(B)(4)(a), O.A.C., should be addressed, including those for which no adjustment is made.
  4. Work papers should include the following:
  • Supporting rationale, methodology, analysis, calculations, underlying assumptions and documentation for each adjustment used to arrive at the proposed reliability standards.
  • The methodology used to exclude major events and transmission outages from historical performance data.
  • A description of how major event day thresholds were calculated, including a description of and justification for any adjustments to any data used for such calculations.
  • The results of the customer perception survey conducted under rule 4901:1-10-10(B)(4)(b).
  • The status in implementing and an updated schedule for completing any grid modernization program which the Commission has approved under section 4928.143(B)(2)(h), Ohio Revised Code.