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Pending cases

Alternative energy portfolio standard

Guidelines for alternative energy portfolios under chapter 4901:1-40.

Competitive retail electric service and competitive retail natural gas service (CRES/CRNGS)

Guidelines for competitive electric and natural gas service providers.

Electric utility emergency plans and coordination for restoration of electric service

Guidelines for electric utility emergency plans under rule 4901:1-10-08.

Energy efficiency programs

Guidelines for energy efficiency programs under chapter 4901:1-39.

Forfeiture and compliance orders

Guidelines for civil forfeiture and compliance applicable to for-hire motor carriers under chapter 4901:2-7.

Gas and electric forecast reports

Guidelines for the filing of gas and electric forecast reports under chapters 4901:5-1, 4901:5-3, 4901:5-5 and 4901:5-7.

Natural gas infrastructure development rider

Guidelines for applications by natural gas companies for infrastructure development riders to recover costs of certain economic development projects filed under chapter 4901:1-43.

Ohio coal research and development rate

Guidelines for coal research and development cost recovery for gas and natural gas companies under chapter 4901:1-12.

Regulation of transportation network companies

Guidelines for the registration of transportation network companies under chapter 4901:2-22.

Retail telecommunication services

Standards and procedures for the provision of retail telecommunications services set forth in chapter 4901:1-6.

Towing of motor vehicles

Guidelines for the towing of motor vehicles under proposed chapter 4901:2-22.

Transportation of household goods

Guidelines for the transportation of household goods under chapter 4901:2-19.

PUCO rules by chapter

Pending original and final-filed rules may be viewed at the Register of Ohio.

Chapter Rule name Recent PUCO cases
Practice and Procedure in Commission Proceedings
Confidential Personal Information
Conduct of Proceedings Before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Procedure in Motor Carrier and Railroad Cases and Related Matters
Procedure in Rate Proceedings
Procedure in Complaint Proceedings
General Utility Matters
Underground Utility Protection
Access to Poles, Ducts, Conduits, and Rights-of-Way
Telephone Company Procedures and Standards
Local Exchange Carriers
Electric Companies
Electric Service Standards
Ohio Coal Research and Development Rate
Minimum Gas Services Standards
Uniform Purchased Gas Adjustment
Standards for Waterworks Companies and Sewage Disposal System Companies
Gas Pipeline Safety
Establishment of Credit for Residential Service
Termination of Residential Service
Natural Gas Alternative Rate Plan and Exemption Rules
Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) Providers
Interconnection Services
Electric Reliability, Safety and Customer Service Standards Enforcement
Application for Certification to Operate as a Provider of Competitive Retail Electric Services
Market Monitoring
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Certification of Governmental Aggregators and Retail Natural Gas Suppliers
Aggregation with Prior Consent
Minimum Requirements for Competitive Retail Natural Gas Service Certification
Reporting Requirements
Opening Areas to Competition
Determination of Allowable Capacity and Commodity Costs
Not-for-Profit Customer Declarations of Nonmercantile Status
Market-Based Standard Service Offer and Competitive Bidding Process for Electric Utilities
Transmission Cost Recovery Rider
Corporate Separation for Electric Utilities and Affiliates
Reasonable Arrangements for Electric Utility Customers
Efficiency and Demand Reduction Benchmarks
Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard
Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Carbon Dioxide Control Planning
Green Pricing Programs
Natural Gas Company Infrastructure Development
Safety Rules and Regulations for Motor Carriers and For Shippers of Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Materials Carriers Registration
Civil Forfeiture and Compliance Proceedings
Hazardous Materials Highway Routing
Fees for Shipping Radioactive Material
Filing of Insurance by Motor Carriers
Registration of Motor Carriers Operating Under Authority Issued by the Interstate Commerce Commission
Transportation of Household Goods by Motor Carriers
Registration of Intrastate Property Carriers
4901:2-22 Towing Safety Standards 15-463-TR-ORD
4901:2-23 Regulation of Transportation Network Companies 16-122-TR-ORD
4901:2-24 Rates for Towing, Storage, and Retrieval of Motor Vehicles 17-713-TR-ORD
Railroads, Street, Suburban and Interurban Railroads
Long-Term Forecast Reports
Filing of Long-Term Forecast Reports, and Fees
Electric Utility Forecast Reports
Gas Utility Forecast Reports
Governor's Emergency Powers
Fuel Emergency
Coal Allotment
Coal Emergency
Gas Emergency
Heating Oil and Propane Emergency
Transportation Fuel Emergency
Application for Assignment Under State Set-Aside System
Emergency Reporting by Electric Utilities
Public Utilities Nominating Council General Provisions