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Stay connected with Lifeline

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) urges qualifying low-income residents to apply for Lifeline Telephone Assistance. Lifeline assistance makes basic local telephone service more affordable for income-eligible families across Ohio. Those who qualify could receive discounts for monthly telephone bills and/or installation costs of telephone service. Wireless and broadband providers also offer Lifeline.

Am I eligible?

You may qualify for Lifeline if your household income is at or below 135 percent of the federal poverty guidelines.

Household size Poverty guideline
1 $16,862
2 $22,829
3 $28,796
4 $34,763
5 $40,730
6 $46,697
7 $52,664
8 $58,631
For each additional person, add $5,967.   

You may also qualify if you participate in one of the following programs:

  • Medicaid

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Public Housing Assistance/Section 8

  • Veterans Pension or Survivors Pension

A Lifeline eligibility pre-screening tool is available at

Are there any restrictions?

Lifeline benefits may be applied to only one type of service – landline, wireless or broadband – and are limited to one line per household. Customers receiving lifeline benefits must also reverify their eligibility annually.  Other restrictions may apply. Check with your broadband provider for Lifeline availability. 

What are the benefits? How do I apply?

Eligible low-income customers receive a monthly discount of $9.25 on basic local landline telephone service, waiver of installation charges, waiver of deposit fees, optional toll blocking at no charge and optional 900/976 blocking at no charge. Wireless carrier plans also include a $9.25 monthly discount for qualified customers. Contact your local landline or wireless phone company at the numbers listed below and ask to apply for Lifeline. If you have any questions or have a complaint about Lifeline, please contact the PUCO at (800) 686-7826.

Name Phone Service
Air Voice/Feel Safe 877-247-7799 Wireless
American Broadband & Telecommunications/American Assistance 866-765-2629 Wireless
Boomerang Wireless/enTouch 866-488-8719 Wireless
Global Connection Inc of America/Stand Up Wireless 800-544-4441 Wireless
i-Wireless/Access 800-464-6010 Wireless
Q Link Wireless/Q Link 855-754-6543 Wireless
Sage Telecom/Sage Wireless 866-385-7281 Wireless
Telerite/Life Wireless 888-543-3620


Tempo Telecom LLC/Now Communications 866-580-8411 Wireless
TracFone/SafeLink 800-SAFELINK Wireless
Virgin Mobile USA/Assurance Wireless 800-395-2108 Wireless
American Broadband & Telecommunications 866-765-2628 Home Phone
Arcadia Telephone Company/TDS Telecom 888-225-5837 Home Phone
The Arthur Mutual Telephone Company 419-393-2233 Home Phone
Ayersville Telephone Company 419-395-2222 Home Phone
Bascom Mutual Telephone Company 419-937-2222 Home Phone
Benton Ridge Telephone Company 419-859-2144 Home Phone
Buckland Telephone Company 419-657-2222 Home Phone
Century Tel of Ohio/Century Link 855-954-6546 Home Phone
The Champaign Telephone Company 937-653-4000 Home Phone
The Chillicothe Telephone Company 740-772-8331 Home Phone
Cincinnati Bell 513-565-5433 Home Phone
The Conneaut Telphone Company 440-593-7140 Home Phone
Consolidated Communications CCI 844-968-7224 Home Phone
Continental Telephone Company/TDS Telecom 888-225-5837 Home Phone
Doylestown Telephone Company 330-658-2121 Home Phone
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company 419-758-3322 Home Phone
Fort Jennings Telephone Company 419-286-2181 Home Phone
Frontier North 800-921-8101 Home Phone
Frontier Communications of Michigan 800-921-8101 Home Phone
Glandorf Telephone Company 419-538-6987 Home Phone
Kalida Telephone Company 419-532-3218 Home Phone
Little Miami Telephone Corporation/TDS Telecom 888-225-5837 Home Phone
McClure Telephone Company 877-524-8293 Home Phone
Middle Point Home Telephone Company 419-968-2000 Home Phone
Minford Telephone Company/ 740-820-2151 Home Phone
New Knoxville Telephone Company 419-753-2457 Home Phone
Nova Telephone Company 419-652-3577 Home Phone
Oakwood Telephone Company/TDS Telecom 888-225-5837 Home Phone
The Ottoville Mutual Telephone Association 419-453-3324 Home Phone
Pattersonville Telephone Company 330-895-4391 Home Phone
Ridgeville Telephone Company 419-267-5185 Home Phone
Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association 419-899-2121 Home Phone
Sycamore Telephone Company 419-927-6012 Home Phone
Telephone Service Company 419-739-2200 Home Phone
Vanlue Telephone Company/TDS Telecom 888-225-5837 Home Phone
Vaughnsville Telephone Company 419-646-3431 Home Phone
Wabash Mutual Telephone Company 800-988-1618 Home Phone
Windstream Ohio 800-347-1991 Home Phone
Winstream Western Reserve 330-650-8000 Home Phone