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As of March 13, 2020, the PUCO is at minimal staffing levels and responses may be delayed. Please use the online contact form here.

Telecommunications application forms

The following telecommunications application forms must be used with all new telephone-related applications filed pursuant to case number 10-1010-TP-ORD. Pursuant to OAC 4901:1-6, failure to utilize these forms, or failure to include the required attachments, will result in dismissal of the new application. The forms must be completed in their entirety. The PDF forms should be downloaded and completed in Adobe Acrobat. Some form functionality will be lost if they are completed in a web browser.

Filing Requirements for OAC 4901:1-6-29

Telecommunications filing form

Telecommunications supplemental application form for carrier certification

Telecommunications retail service offering form

Eligible telecommunication carrier high-cost universal service form

Eligible telecommunication carrier low-income universal service form

Competitive eligible telecommunication carrier quarterly report template

Ohio Reporting Data Spreadsheet

Telecommunications application form for detariffing and related actions

Customer notice affidavit template

Under 4901:1-6-07, Ohio Administrative Code, applications must include, at the time of filing, a copy of the relevant customer notice stating that the customer notice was provided to all affected customers. The template below illustrates the required content of the affidavit.

Detariffing Customer Notice Template