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Updating a certified facility

To update a certified system, put the updated information (additional kW, # of panels, wattage of panels, photo of new panels, online date of new panels, new meter specs and photo if a new meter was added) in a document (for solar facilities, please use the Solar Facility Update Form), then save the document as a PDF and e-file the PDF in the case docket.

  1. Save the document as a PDF.
  2. Then go to following website:
  3. Then
  • Click on subscribe and e-file
  • Log-in
  • Click on E-File a document
  • Choose your case number, add it, and click continue
  • Choose the parties for the filing, and click continue
  • Select type of document, Reply
  • Complete the summary, click continue
  • Choose your PDF document
  • Add File, click continue
  • Submit Filing