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Renewable energy resource generating facility application for certification

Below are links to the filing instructions and online renewable energy resource (REN) application to become a certified Ohio renewable energy resource generating facility under the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard. Start by reviewing the filing Instructions, as they contain important information that will facilitate the application process. A failure to follow the instructions may result in delays during the review process.

For applications received after December 31, 2012, credit will not be given for generation that occurred before the date of a facility's application for certification as an eligible Ohio renewable energy resource generating facility. For applications received after December 31, 2012, facility owners will be able to report generation from the date of application for Ohio's purposes, unless the facility is not yet online, in which case the facility owner can begin reporting from the in-service date.

Obtain a case number

Before electronically filing an application, applicants must reserve a case number. A case number may be obtained by logging in to the DIS system and clicking on "reserve a case number." REMINDER: If you've reserved a 2018 case number, you will need to file your completed certification application before the end of 2018. If you are unable to file your completed application until 2019, you will need to reserve a 2019 case number.

File an application

Please be advised that all applicant’s contact information, including address and telephone number, will be made public and is not subject to confidential treatment. Additionally, any information pertaining to trade secrets contained within the application will be made public unless filed under seal with a motion for protective order, pursuant to Rule 4901-1-24 of the Ohio Administrative Code.

If the resource or technology for which you are applying for certification is a renewable energy resource or technology included in Amended Substitute Senate Bill 310 (SB 310) that was not previously recognized as a renewable energy resource, under previous statutes, please use the "SB 310-specific REN application form" above. If the resource or technology was a renewable resource or technology recognized by statute before the effective date of SB 310, please use the online REN application above.

Certified renewable energy resources

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