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As of March 13, 2020, the PUCO is at minimal staffing levels and responses may be delayed. Please use the online contact form here.

Mercantile customer application to commit EE and PDR programs

Rule 4901:1-39-05(G) of the Ohio Administrative Code permits a mercantile customer to file, either individually or jointly with an electric utility, an application to commit the customer’s existing demand reduction, demand response and energy efficiency programs for integration with the electric utility’s programs. 

Pursuant to the Commission's in September 15, 2010 Entry in Case No. 10-834-EL-EEC, the following application form is to be used by mercantile customers, either individually or jointly with their electric utility, to apply for commitment of such programs implemented during the prior three calendar years under the pilot program adopted by the Commission.

Application to commit energy efficiency/peak demand reduction programs (mercantile customers only)