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Driver qualification forms

The forms provided on this page are sample forms to assist you in complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Public Utilities Commission of Ohio rules and regulations.

  1. Application for EmploymentAn application form must be completed by every applicant seeking to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) for a motor carrier, on a form furnished by the motor carrier. Each application must be completed and signed by the applicant, and must contain the information as outlined in Section 391.21 of the FMCSA Regulations. This form must be retained in the drivers qualification file for three years after the person’s employment by the motor carrier ceases.
  1. Inquiry to State Agency for Driver's Record formMotor carriers are required to investigate the preceding three years of each driver-applicant’s driving record. Every state in which the driver held a motor vehicle operator’s permit or license during those three years must be contacted and a copy of the response by each state agency showing the driver’s driving record or certifying that no driving record exists for that driver must be placed in the driver’s qualification file within 30 days of the date employment begins. These files must be retained for three years.
  1. Request for Information from Previous Employer formA motor carrier must investigate, at a minimum, the information outlined in Section 391.23(d)(e) from all previous employers of the applicant that employed the driver to operate a CMV within the previous three years.
  1. Driver's Certification of Violations formA motor carrier shall require each driver it employs to record all violations of motor traffic laws and ordinances (other than parking violations) which the driver has been convicted of or forfeited bond or collateral during the preceding 12 months. If the driver has not been convicted of, or forfeited bond or collateral or any violation that must be listed, he / she must so certify.
  1. Multiple-Employer Drivers Check-listIf a motor carrier employs a person as a multiple-employer driver, the motor carrier shall comply with all requirements of Part 391, except the carrier need not: (1) Require the person to furnish an application for employment; (2) Make and inquiry into the person’s driving record during the preceding three years to the appropriate State agency(s) and an investigation of the person’s employment record during the preceding three years; (3) Preform annual review of the person’s driving record; or (4) Require the person to furnish a record of violations or certificate.
  1. Medical Examiner Report form and Medical Examiner's CertificateAnyone that drives a CMV is required to obtain a physical examination at least every 24 months. The examination must be made by a qualified medical examiner as outlined in Section 391.43 of the FMCSA Regulations. The completed medical exam form shall be retained on file at the office of the medical examiner. A copy of the medical examiner’s certificate shall be filed in the driver qualification file for three years from the date of execution. A copy of the certificate is given to the driver to be carried at all times. The medical examination form contains medical information and should be retained in a confidential manner.   
  1. Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate Application: Drivers with physical impairments which affect their ability to safely operate CMVs according to their medical examiners, or with missing limbs (e.g., a hand or finger, an arm, foot or leg), are required to obtain SPE certificates.
  1. Annual Review of Driving Record formA motor carrier shall review the driving record of each driver it employs, at least every 12 months, to determine whether that driver meets minimum requirements for safe driving or is disqualified to drive. The review shall be signed and dated and placed in the driver’s qualification file. A company card may then be issued to the driver stating the drivers file has been reviewed and accepted and meets the requirements in Section 391.15. These records may be removed from the driver’s qualification file three years after date of execution.
  1. Certification of Road TestA person shall not drive a motor vehicle unless he / she has first successfully completed a road test and has been issued a certificate of driver’s road test in accordance with Section 391.31. The road test shall be given by the motor carrier or a person designated by it. However, a driver who is a motor carrier must be given the test by a person other than himself / herself. The test shall be given by a person who is competent to evaluate and determine whether the person who takes the test has demonstrated that he / she is capable of operating the CMV, and associated equipment, that the motor carrier intends to assign him / her.