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As of March 13, 2020, the PUCO is at minimal staffing levels and responses may be delayed. Please use the online contact form here.

Application for approval of plans and specifications for lateral and overhead clearances

The following instructions apply to all less than standard lateral and vertical clearance applications.

  1. Section 4963.43 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s Administrative Order No. 9, reissued, requires every railroad company, public or private corporation, or person proposing to build any structure or place an material as set for the in Section 4963.42 ORC or Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Administrative Order No. 9, with a lesser clearance than is prescribed in such section, to file with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, all plans and specifications for such structure and material, before proceeding herewith. Section 4963.43 ORC, further provides that upon protest of any interested party, the matter shall be set down for hearing.
  2. Applications must be made upon RR1 forms, in triplicate, unless additional copies are required for two or more railroads, or industry wants additional copies. All copies must be properly signed in ink by a representative of the industry and railroad. RR1 forms will be furnished by this office upon request.
  3. Applications must show minimum lateral and/or vertical clearances requested but other clearances not previously covered, must be shown in space for explanations. Do not use “various” to indicate clearances.
  4. Three (3) sets of plans of track(s) involved must accompany the applications. These plans must show track(s), all existing substandard clearances, and proposed constructions which will have less than standard clearances. Construction details are not required. Show location of existing warning signs.
  5. All approved applications will require the erection of suitable warning signs, illuminated for night viewing, and the issuance of a notice by the railroad(s), warning switching crews of substandard clearances. A suitable walkway must be provided along tracks opposite the area of substandard lateral clearances. Upon the protest of any interested party attains the issuance of a permit, or if the PUCO refuses to issue such permit, the PUCO shall set the case down for hearing and such hearing shall proceed as other hearings before it.