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Ohio long term energy forecast

Pursuant to ORC 4935.01(A), PUCO staff presents year by year forecasts of the prevailing energy, economic and demographic trends in the U.S., Ohio and utility service areas in Ohio over a 20-year period. PUCO staff issues the following report which consists of forecasts that are projections dependent upon assumptions and historical data and trends. The future, however, is unknown. Periodic reviews of past forecasts are, therefore, a wise and necessary step to both test the validity of the current forecast scenarios and be able to identify and monitor emerging alterations in prevailing trends due to the impacts of more recent historical events. The forecasts presented in this report consider the anticipated developments in the national and international economic environment, and assess their potential impact on Ohio. These forecasts are presented solely for the purposes of ORC 4935.01(A) and should not be used or relied upon for any other purpose.