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Railroad incident/accident reporting requirements

In accordance with federal regulation 49 CFR 225.1 and Ohio revised code 4907.23, all railroads subject to the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) shall report all accidents and incidents with respect to the operation of a railroad in this state.

Immediate telephonic notification criteria

The PUCO shall be notified immediately by telephone of the following types of accidents and incidents:

  • Any reportable death, serious or grave injury to an employee or contractor working for or on railroad property.
  • All accidents or incidents involving hazardous materials that might result in possible explosion, fire, poisoning or pollution of water supplies or the environment.
  • All bridge failures.
  • All highway-railway crossing accidents or incidents that result in loss of life to person(s).
  • Accidents or incidents involving train/non-train accidents or incidents resulting in serious injury, or catastrophic train accidents or incidents.

FRA forms

Each railroad subject to the jurisdiction of the PUCO shall submit copies of the following forms within 30 days after expiration of the month during which the accidents or incidents occurred:

  • Form FRA F 6180.54 (rail equipment accident/incident report)
  • Form FRA F 6180.55 (railroad injury and illness summary)
  • Form FRA F 6180.57 (rail-highway grade crossing accident/incident report)


Reports by telephone, fax or mail shall be directed as follows:

24-hour incident line*: (614) 466-1150

Fax: (614) 995-5535

Mailing address: Rail Division
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
180 E Broad St., 4th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

*If leaving a message after hours on the 24-hour notification line provide the following info:

  1. Name of railroad;
  2. Name, title, and telephone number of person making report;
  3. Time, date and location of accident/incident, i.e., milepost, USDOT#, nearest street…etc.;
  4. Circumstances surrounding the accident/incident;
  5. Number of persons killed or injured;
  6. Estimates of railroad and non-railroad property damage (if available);
  7. If hazardous materials are involved, provide the 4 digit UN Number and/or chemical name(s), container type and capacity (if available)