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December 6, 2018 Meeting

About the Collaborative

The PowerForward Collaborative is an overarching grid modernization group led by PUCO staff. The Collaborative functions as an interactive forum to monitor and facilitate the evolution of a marketplace that promotes innovation and the delivery of innovative products and services consistent with the principles and objectives identified in the PowerForward: A Roadmap to Ohio's Electricity Future.

To continue the PowerForward discussion and to address specific tasks articulated in the Roadmap, the Commission established the Collaborative as well as two technical work groups, the Distribution System Planning Workgroup (PWG) and the Data and Modem Grid Workgroup (DWG). On October 24, 2018, the PUCO established dockets pertaining to the Collaborative, PWG and DWG in case numbers 18-1595-EL-GRD18-1596-EL-GRD, and 18-1597-EL-GRD, respectively.

The Collaborative will remain flexible in approach in order to respond to market dynamics and barriers to market development.

The Roadmap establishes reporting recommendations to the Commission, and the Commission may ask any of the PowerForward groups to discuss a particular item and make suggestions to the Commission within a particular timeframe.