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Apply for PUCO hazardous materials planning and training grants

The distribution of funds through the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio hazardous materials planning and training grants is described in Ohio Revised Code 4921.21. The funds are to be used for “emergency response planning and the training of safety, enforcement, and emergency services personnel in proper techniques for the management of hazardous materials releases that occur during transportation or otherwise."  Funds are to be distributed to “educational institutions, state agencies, regional planning commissions, and political subdivisions.”

Reimbursement grant

The PUCO hazardous materials grants are reimbursement grants. Grant funds are not provided before the approved grant activities are performed. Once the PUCO approves a grant application and the grantee performs the training as described in the grant agreement, the grantee submits a request for reimbursement.  The request must include documentation that demonstrates the grantee has followed the conditions of the grant agreement.  After review for compliance with the conditions of the grant, the grantee is reimbursed.  The amount of the reimbursement may be reduced based on the grantees compliance with the condition of the grant agreement.  

2018 PUCO hazardous material grants important dates

  • Grant applications will be accepted until July 1, 2018.
  • Grant awards will be announced Aug. 1, 2018
  • Activities funded by a grant must be concluded in one calendar year (12 months) from the announcement date.
  • Requests for reimbursement and required supporting materials must be received 18 months after the approval date.
  • The PUCO may approve a 30 day extension to the 12 month grant performance period and/or the 18 month period to request reimbursement. The request for extension must be on PUCO required forms. 

Review criteria for 2018 PUCO hazardous material grant applications

The following elements of the PUCO hazardous material grant application will receive careful review.

  • Total amount requested
  • Amount of request specifically budgeted for training and planning activities
  • Number of classes for each subject to be delivered (especially educational institutions)
  • Cost per trainee
  • Grantee contributions (cash or in-kind) 
  • Facility costs
  • Travel, lodging and meals   
  • Proof of a reputable provider and reasonable pricing for services
  • Recent quote for services from provider
  • Past PUCO hazardous material grants performance by the applicant
    • Funds left unspent,
    • Extensions/revisions requested, 
    • Grant application revisions requested by PUCO
  • Use of train-the-trainer options
  • Requests for funding course materials
  • Requests for funding special equipment

Travel, food, lodging, per diem costs and payroll offsets

The PUCO prioritizes the actual cost of instruction. In general travel, food, lodging and other per diem costs will not be funded for trainees or participants. Travel costs for course instructors will be considered for funding but must be reasonable and comply with US Government Services Administration per diem rates. Special circumstances may be taken into consideration but will require justification. 

PUCO hazardous material training grant funds may not be used to offset payroll costs for students attending training or events funded through the grants.

PUCO training grant award information

Materials provided to grantees when they are notified of a PUCO hazardous material training grant award will include specific conditions of the grant award.  This information will include a grant agreement and a document that will detail how the grant award varies from the application submitted by the grantee. Grantees must follow these conditions. Reimbursement will not be made to grantees who do not comply with the conditions outlined in the grant award. 

Grantee audits

In accepting a PUCO hazardous material training grant, grantees agree to audits of their grant-funded training, planning and fiscal records and the records of their contractors or training/service providers.            

PUCO hazardous material grant application materials

Grant application materials are available here. Contact the PUCO using the information below if you need printed copies of PUCO hazardous material training grant materials.

Contacting the PUCO

Contact Alan Martin at (614) 466-0785 or with questions.  Send grant applications, requests for extension and reimbursement requests to or:

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Hazmat Training Grants
180 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43230