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Hazardous Materials Training & Planning Grants Program

The PUCO will award grants for the training of public safety and emergency services personnel in the proper techniques for the management of hazardous materials spills and releases that occur during transportation. Grants are awarded on a  reimbursement basis. Although grants may be awarded to educational institutions and state agencies, first priority is given to political subdivisions. If political subdivisions contract with outside consultants or institutions to conduct the training programs for them, the political subdivisions will be charged with the responsibility of ascertaining the accountability of the consultants or institutions.

Note:  Grant applications may be submitted at any time but grants are made annually following the end of the State Fiscal Year (June 30th).

Forms and contact information

Types of funding

  • Rail hazardous materials response training, including rail/highway incident response training.
  • Courses involving hazardous materials training on various levels, including first response awareness, operations and technician, highway response specialist, incident command and tank car specialist.
  • Intermodal hazardous materials training.
  • Incident response exercise.
  • Hazardous materials planning and survey studies.

If you would like to submit forms or have any questions about the Hazardous Material Training and Planning Grants Program please contact the PUCO Hazardous Materials Grants Coordinator via email or (614) 644-6298.