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Energy efficiency protocols for measurement and verification

On June 24, 2009, the Commission issued an entry, in Case No. 09-512-GE-UNC to begin development of protocols for the measurement and verification of energy efficiency and peak demand reduction measures pursuant to Section 4928.66(B) of the Ohio Revised Code. Among other things, the entry indicated that the Commission would issue a request for proposal (RFP), for engineering consulting services to assist with the evaluation and initial determination of values and protocols for a technical reference manual (TRM). The Commission also requested comments on the policy issues (“appendix A”) and the format for the submission of data (“appendix B”) that will necessarily shape the TRM. Comments were due July 24, 2009 for appendix A and July 15, 2009 for appendix B. 

As directed by the Commission, staff revised Appendix B in light of the comments submitted by the parties, and the resulting revised appendix B - deemed savings and deemed calculated savings data matrices is posted for download below. While staff believes it is not necessary to comment on all the changes to appendix B, staff believes it is important to explain the changes in format.

Staff has adopted a spreadsheet format using Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet is separated into three tabs or worksheets. The first tab provides a set of common data definitions that should be used when entering information in the remaining worksheets. The remaining tabs are for the electric and gas industries.  

Within each worksheet, are two areas for reporting (1) deemed savings measures and (2) deemed calculated savings measures. Along the top of each area are data headings corresponding to the terms identified in the definitions tab. Along the left hand side are numbers, one for each deemed and deemed calculated savings measure. The utilities should enter a brief description of the deemed and deemed calculated measure, within the appropriate area, in the field named “efficient technology, measure, or practice.” The utilities should then enter additional information regarding each deemed or deemed calculated savings measure, such as the delivery mechanism, applicability conditions and per unit efficiency, in the fields provided to the right. The utilities should repeat this process for each deemed and deemed calculated savings measure entering the next measure below the last. When complete, each tab will include a list of deemed and deemed savings measures along the left and relevant information regarding each measure to the right. The utilities should complete and electroncially file the appropriate worksheet(s) in both PDF and Excel formats in Case No. 09-512-GE-UNC by October 15, 2009.

Case number 09-512-GE-UNC filings

Revised appendix B - deemed and deemed calculated measure data matrix