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Electronic filing: Frequently asked questions by end users

Q. Can I still file paper documents?

A. Yes. E-filing is voluntary.

Q. Will there be an electronic filing fee?

A. No fee is required or anticipated at this time.

Q. How do I get a password and begin e-filing?

A. Instructions for obtaining a password are included in the E-filing manual which is available by following the “Electronic Filing Information & Links” on the DIS page

Q. Who may e-file, and in which cases is e-filing an option?

A. Anyone can volunteer to try e-filing by submitting a participation agreement and completing an e-filing profile. Upon approval by the PUCO's Docketing Division, the filer may e-file in test cases or certain filings (such as tariffs and contracts) identified in Case No. 06-900-AU-WVR. In addition, comments regarding the Entry and Proposed Procedural Rules for Electronic Filing in Case No. 07-535-AU-ORD can be e-filed.

Q. Can I e-file confidential documents?

A. No. When accepted by the PUCO, e-filed documents are automatically added to the Docketing Information System and are available to anyone with Internet access.

Q. Will I still have to file a paper copy?

A. No, unless directed otherwise by the Commission, legal director or attorney examiner.

Q. What file formats can be used when e-filing documents?

A. The official file must be an unlocked (no encryption or password protection) PDF. The source file(s) used to create the PDF (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.) should also be filed. Further details are available in the e-filing manual posted at the Electronic Filing Information & Links page at

Q. How will e-filings be signed?

A. The use of a "/s" with the filer's name will suffice as a signature in a document which has been filed by that person using their unique username and password.

Q. Are there size limits on what can be filed?

A. Size limits have not yet been established.

Q. What is the deadline for e-filing?

A. The deadline for e-filing is 5:30 p.m. EST. Filings submitted after that time will be considered filed on the next business day.

Q. How will I know when my document has been accepted?

A. Documents which are electronically submitted will be time and date stamped with the time and date indicated on the confirmation page. Once the upload of the document is complete, an e-mail confirming receipt will be sent to the filer. The PUCO’s Docketing Division will then review the filing. If the filing is accepted, the document will be posted to the case and an e-mail notification of the filing will be sent. If the filing is rejected, an email will be sent to the filer. Rejected documents will not be posted to the case or available through the Docketing Information System.

Q. Can I file via email?

A. No. E-filing can only be done using the e-filing system.

Q. How will I know when filings are made in a case in which I have e-filed?

A. If you e-file in a case, you will be automatically subscribed to that case. You will receive an email alerting you to any subsequent filings.

Q. How important is my email address to the e-filing process?

A. Your email address is critical. All correspondence about filings will be sent via email. Receipt confirmations, document rejections, notification of subsequent filings in a case, and notices of changes in your filer profile will be sent to this address. You must update your profile any time your email address changes.

Q. Should I be concerned that someone will make unauthorized changes to the documents I file?

A. E-filed documents are electronically time-stamped, then locked and password protected. E-filed documents are protected by the same security measures as the scanned images in the current DIS.

Q. Does the Commission intend to promulgate rules to govern the submission of electronic filings?

A. Modification to the Commission's procedural rules to accommodate electronic filing have been proposed in Case No. 07-535-AU-ORD. Comments and reply comments may be e-filed.

Q.Who should I contact with questions?

A. Contact the PUCO’s Docketing Division at: (614) 466-4095