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Electric do not aggregate list - governmental aggregator/supplier information

Section 4928.21 of the Ohio Revised Code directs the PUCO to develop and maintain on its website a do-not-aggregate list of customers that desire to remove themselves from the pool of customers eligible to participate in an electric opt-out governmental aggregation program. The PUCO adopted the process establishing the do not aggregate list on July 29, 2009.

The PUCO's do-not-aggregate list is comprised of two separate files. One will display the names and service addresses of customers in each electric distribution utility service area that have registered for the list and will be publicly available on the PUCO website. The second file, called the “Governmental Aggregator/Supplier DNA List,” will be maintained in a password protected area of the PUCO website and will only be available to PUCO-certified governmental aggregators and their designated suppliers. This list will display the names, service addresses, account numbers and registration date of customers in each electric distriution utility (EDU) service area that have registered for the do-not-aggregate list and will be fully searchable. Instructions for obtaining a username and password to access the list are provided below.

Governmental aggregator requirements

Not more than 60 days prior to issuing its opt-out notice, a governmental aggregator that will aggregate customers via an opt-out process under Ohio Revised Code 4928.20 must access the PUCO's do-not-aggregate list and remove from its pool of eligible customers all customer accounts that appear on the list. 

In instances where a customer registers for the list after the date in which a governmental aggregator obtains the list, the governmental aggregator may include such accounts in its pool of eligible customers. The customer is then responsible to opt-out of the aggregation as specified by the opt-out notice provided by the governmental aggregator, or to rescind enrollment by contacting the EDU as directed by the confirmation notice sent to the customer by the EDU pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code 4901:1-10-29 (F).

Except as noted above, if a customer that has registered for the do-not-aggregate list is included in an opt-out governmental aggregation, the governmental aggregator shall take all necessary steps to return the customer to its original supplier and make restitution to the customer, if warranted, in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 4901:1-21-17 (E).

To obtain access to the Do Not Aggregate list:

PUCO-certified governmental aggregators, or their designated supplier, may access the do-not-aggregate list through the PUCO Community.  Governmental aggregators and suppliers are reminded that the use of customer account information on the list for any purpose other than the removal of customer accounts from opt-out mailing lists is prohibited. For security purposes, PUCO staff will monitor access to the Do Not Aggregate list.

If you have any questions, please call the PUCO toll-free at (800) 686-PUCO (7826).