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Electric Certified Territory Reallocation


Electric certified territories (ECTs) are geographic regions within which an electric distribution utility (EDU) has the obligation and exclusive right to provide electric service. EDUs are either investor-owned utilities or rural electric cooperatives. EDUs do not include municipalities that maintain their own electric system. ECTs are often called “service areas” or “service territories.”

Ohio Revised Code 4933.82 states that the PUCO shall prepare a map of uniform scale to show, accurately and clearly, the boundaries of the certified territory of each EDU. The map is also required to show the boundary of municipal electric systems. The PUCO publishes the ECT boundaries on statewide, quadrangle, and interactive maps to satisfy these requirements.


EDUs may petition the PUCO to reallocate customers between ECTs. Customer reallocation is the process of transferring one EDU’s right to serve a customer to another EDU. Reallocation can take one of two forms. First, customer reallocation can involve modifying ECT boundaries. Second, customer reallocation can involve the creation of an overlap area. An overlap area is a geographic region within the territory of an EDU in which another EDU may provide service.

The EDU begins the process by filing a Petition For Reallocation of Electric Service Territory form with the PUCO, which initiates a case with the docketing code "PEB". The PUCO provides a mapping tool, the Electric Service Areas Web Mapping Application, to assist companies in identifying the appropriate PUCO quadrangle map for the area of their boundary change, and the corresponding overlap areas for overlap cases.