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What information should I include in a complaint description?

The complaint can only be properly addressed with adequate information.  Please be detailed in your description and fully explain what happened when the violation occurred.  For instance, include information such as: what happened, when it happened, why you believe this is a violation, how you discovered the alleged violation, what happened after you discovered the alleged violation, etc.  The more fully the Underground Technical Committee UTC understands the situation the better it can properly decide if a violation occurred.  Additionally, it can expedite the process because the UTC sometimes requests more information from parties further delaying the conclusion of the case.

Below is an example of an adequate description:

Our company received notification from OUPS that there was going to be an excavation at 123 Main St.  The ticket requested that the entire property be located and the deadline to mark the ticket was Wednesday at 12:43 p.m.  Our locator arrived at the site on Wednesday at 9:20 a.m. to locate our facilities and discovered that the excavator had already begun digging.  The excavator had dug a trench approximately 10’ by 5’ and about 6’ deep using a back hoe.  A 2” gas service line was exposed and scratched but no gas was released and no one was injured.

After submitting your complaint, the PUCO will email you a confirmation to let you know that your complaint is being processed.  Also included will be contact information.  After receiving that information, we encourage you to send any supporting documentation that you have (pictures, damage claims, OUPS tickets, etc.) to assist with the investigation.