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Certification requirements and responsibilities

With certification to operate as a retail electric or natural gas provider in Ohio come certain requirements and responsibilities that you will need to manage and complete in order to keep and maintain your certification.

If you have questions related to the certification process, the rules, or the other responsibilities listed below, please contact us via email at for competitive electric questions, and for competitive natural gas questions.

PUCO Rules

As a certified retail or natural gas provider, you are required to fully understand and comply by the rules of the Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C) and the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C). Links to the specific applicable sections of the O.A.C. are available on the PUCO website by clicking the RULES link under the Documents and Rules section on the PUCO Home Page, and are listed below:

Section 4901:1-21  Certified Retail Electric Service Provider Rules

Section 4901:1-24 Certified Retail Electric Service Certification Rules

Section 4901:1-27 Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Certification Rules

Section 4901:1-28 Governmental Aggregation for Natural Gas

Section 4901:1-29 Certified Retail Natural Gas Service Provider Rules

Certification Renewal

As is noted in the instructions of the Initial Certification Application you filed, you are required to renew your certification every two years. By rule, you must submit your renewal application no less than 30 and no more than 60 calendar days prior to the expiration date indicated on your certificate.

Note that failure to file your application within the guidelines of the rule will lead to additional steps required to be completed in order to renew your certification, or potential cancelation of your current certification.

Competitive retail electric supplier forms

Competitive retail natural gas supplier forms

Material Change Notification

If there are any changes to the information you supplied in your application, especially changes to the contact information of regulatory contact or staff contact for customer complaints, per Ohio Administrative Code rules §4901:1-24-11 and §4901:1-27-11, you are required to file with the Commission a material change notification within 30 days of the change.

Annual Report Filing

You are also required to submit an annual report to the Commission and pay an annual assessment. Note that separate reports and assessments are required for electric and natural gas certifications.

This requirement is effective the year following the issuance of your certification.  Learn more about submitting your annual reports.

Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards

Power marketers and retail electric generation providers should also be aware of Ohio’s renewable portfolio standard, and the required annual payment for noncompliance with any renewable energy resource benchmark.

Ohio’s renewable energy portfolio standard

Market Monitoring Reporting

The purpose of these market monitoring requirements is to assist the PUCO in determining the extent to which effective competition exists for a competitive retail electric service.  Certified retail electric service power marketers, power brokers, aggregators or independent power producers/distributed generators are required to submit monthly marketing monitoring data on a quarterly basis per the requirements set forth in rule §4901:1-25-02(A)(2).

Electric market monitoring reporting forms