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PUCO Title VI compliance

The PUCO strives to create and maintain an environment free from discrimination. We seek to be an inclusive organization that operates without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, income-level or limited English proficiency. 

Railroad incident/accident reporting requirements
Regulated Electric Companies
Regulated Gas Companies
Regulated Railroad Companies
Regulated Telecommunications Companies
Regulated Water and Sewer Companies
Regulatory contacts for motor carriers

Regulatory Contacts for Motor Carriers Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Compliance Division Phone: (614) 466-0351 Civil Forfeiture Penalties Safety Rules and Regulations Enforcement Division Phone: (614) 466-0369 Carrier Compliance Reviews New Entrant Carrier Safety Audits Driver/Commercial

Renewable portfolio standard status reports - 2014
Retail market investigation
Rules for competitive retail electric service (CRES)

Rules for Competitive Retail Electric Service (CRES) PUCO rules related to competitive retail electric service (CRES) and providers are contained in the chapters of the Ohio Administrative Code listed below. Forms and instructions for certification and reporting requirements can be found at: CRES Provider

SEET - significantly excessive earnings test for electric distribution utilities

See case no. 09-786-EL-UNC for the PUCO's development of a significantly excessive earnings test for electric utilities.

Selected Reports

Selected Reports Shepard Hills Water Company Staff Report 98-1012-WW-AIR  (pdf) Citizens Utility Company of Ohio Staff Report 98-178-WS-AIR  (pdf) Viewing PDF files requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Transportation Links

Links to Other Government Agencies and Programs CFR 49 parts 100-185 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Transportation network company list
Transportation network company registration
March 14, 2016
Transportation network company registration

Registration forms for TNCs now available.

Transportation related files
Utilization of biomass energy resources in Ohio: A linear programming (LP) model