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Weather emergency information for staff

Please be reminded that in times of bad weather only the governor or the director of the Department of Public Safety can declare a “public safety emergency” pursuant to DAS Directive HR-D-11 that will close state offices or limit an employee’s need to travel for work purposes. Without such a declaration, all State of Ohio offices and operations are to operate under normal working hours. 

A determination made by a county (or other local government) that the county is under a snow emergency (Level 3 or otherwise) does not close state offices. 

As always, when travel conditions are less than ideal, employees are urged to exercise caution while traveling to or from work. If you are unable to report to work during inclement weather, please follow the designated call-off procedures. If you are unable to reach your supervisor, you can reach HR by calling (614) 466-7330.

In the event of either a public safety emergency or other weather related event.  Please check for updates on the PUCO’s website, call a (614) 466-3016, watch the news for updates, or sign up for wireless updates when in the office.