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Service list sign-up

The PUCO is minimizing costs of regulation through the use of industry service lists to send notices, forms, and the like for generic or rule-making procedures, and other industry-specific communications. Parties should subscribe multiple addresses or consider the use of generic mailboxes, and take appropriate actions to ensure that electronic mail service from the PUCO is not blocked. If you have any problems joining a mailing list or need assistance joining an industry list please contact the PUCO's Docketing Division at (614) 466-4095 during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST).

Use the links below to sign up to the appropriate email list(s).

Electric, energy, heating and cooling matters on the ELECTRIC-ENERGY list

Natural gas and gas pipeline matters on the GAS-PIPELINE list

Railroad matters on the RAILROAD list

Commercial mobil radio service, competitive local exchange telephone, interexchange carrier telephone, and local exchange carrier matters on the TELEPHONE list.

Transportation matters on the TRANSPORTATION list

Water & sewer matters on the WATER list