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Request for Proposal No. RA16-FA-1

A Financial Audit

of Cobra Pipeline Company, LTD and

Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline Company, LLC

In accordance with provisions of R.C. 4909.19, the Commission is seeking proposals to audit and attest to the accuracy of the financial information provided by Cobra Pipeline Company, LTD and Orwell-Trumbull Pipeline Company, LLC (Companies) in their applications.  The investigation shall verify the financial information provided in the Standard Filing Requirements.

The auditor selected shall verify and attest to the accuracy of financial data contained in the Companies’ filing of their applications.  The audit should include, but not be limited to, verifying actual data by tracing financial information to the general ledger of the Companies; verifying plant additions, retirements, and transfers; verifying the Companies’ revenues; verifying the Companies’ depreciation and accumulated depreciation, recommending a rate of return; and reviewing any adjustments reflected in the filing.  In addition, the auditor must verify the existence of the used and useful nature of the plant samples through physical inspections.  The auditor is required to make a recommended revenue requirement to the Commission. 

RFP Issued:
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Proposals Due:
November 10, 2016

For further information, please see the Entry in Case No. 16-1725-PL-AIR and 16-1726-PL-ATA signed on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.