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Procedural filing requirements

The rules of Practice and Procedure to be followed in PUCO cases are contained in Chapter 4901-1 of the Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.) which is available online at the LAW Writer® Ohio Laws and Rules site ( To check for new or pending versions, see the Rules & Regulations of the PUCO. For information on the rules adoption procedures, see The Rule-Making Process and Pending Rule Changes.

Section 4901.10 of the Ohio Revised Code specifies that the office of the Public Utilities Commission shall be at the seat of government in Columbus, and shall be open between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. throughout the year, Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays excepted.

Rule 4901-1-02, O.A.C., provides:

(A) The official address of the commission’s docketing division is:

Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Docketing Division
180 East Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3793

Except as discussed in paragraph (B) of this rule, all applications, complaints, reports, pleadings or other papers to be filed with the commission shall be mailed or delivered to the commission’s docketing division at that address, together with the number of copies required by paragraph (C) of this rule. Additional copies shall be supplied to the commission or the attorney examiner assigned to the case, if requested. No pleading or other paper shall be considered filed with the commission until it is received and date-stamped by the docketing division. An application for an increase in rates filed under section 4909.18 of the Revised Code, a complaint concerning an ordinance rate filed by a public utility under section 4909.34 of the Revised Code, and a petition filed by a public utility under section 4909.35 of the Revised Code shall not be considered filed until the date, as determined by the commission, upon which the application, complaint or petition complied with the requirements of rule 4901-7-01 of the Administrative Code.

(B) A party may file documents with the commission via facsimile transmission (fax) under the following conditions:

(1) The following documents may not be delivered via facsimile transmission:

(a) The application, complaint or other initial pleading which is responsible for the opening of a case;.

(b) An application for rehearing which may be filed under section 4903.10 of the Revised Code or a memorandum contra an application for rehearing filed pursuant to rule 4901-1-35 of the Administrative Code.

(c) A notice of appeal of a commission order to the Ohio supreme court which may be filed pursuant to section 4903.13 of the Revised Code.

(2) All documents sent via facsimile transmission must include:

(a) A transmission sheet which states the date of transmission, case number, case title, brief description of the document and number of pages following the transmission sheet.

(b) The name and telephone number of the document originator and facsimile operator.

(3) The originator of the document or their facsimile transmission operator must contact the commission’s docketing division at (614) 466-4095 prior to sending a facsimile transmission. A party must notify the docketing division of its intent to send a document by facsimile transmission by four p.m. on the date the document is to be sent. The party must be prepared to commence transmission at the time the docketing division is notified.

(4) All documents must be sent to the facsimile machine in the commission’s docketing division at (614) 466-0313. If that machine is inoperable, directions for alternative arrangements will be given when the contact required under paragraph (B)(3) of this rule is made. Unrequested documents sent to any of the commission’s other facsimile machines will not be relayed to the docketing division by commission employees.

(5) Excluding the transmission sheet, all documents transmitted by facsimile transmission must be thirty pages or less.

(6) All documents must be legible when received. If the document is illegible, docketing division will contact the sender to resolve the problem. The person making a facsimile filing shall bear all risk of transmitting a document by facsimile transmission, including all risk of equipment failure.

(7) No document received via facsimile transmission will be given confidential treatment by the commission.

(8) If a document is filed via facsimile transmission, the party must make arrangements for the original signed document and the required number of copies of the pleading to be delivered to the commission no later than the next business day.

(9) Because a document sent to the commission by facsimile transmission will be date-stamped, and thus filed, the day it is received by the docketing division, the originator of the document shall serve copies of the document upon other parties to the case no later than the date of filing.

(C) In addition to the original, any person filing a pleading or other document for inclusion in a case file must submit the required number of copies of the pleading or document. Information regarding the number of copies required by the commission may be obtained by going to the commission’s web site at and searching case filing requirements under the docketing information system (DIS) section, by calling the docketing division at 614-466-4095, or by visiting the docketing division at the offices of the commission. As an alternative, a filer may submit twenty copies of the filing.

(D) A failure to submit the number of copies required by paragraph (B) or (C) of this rule shall not invalidate or delay the effective date of a filing if the person making the filing submits the number of copies needed to correct any deficiency within two business days after notification of such deficiency by the docketing division.

(E) Unless a request for a protective order is made concurrently with or prior to the reception by the commission’s docketing division of any document that is case-related, the document will be considered a public record.


Type Code Description of Case Type  Number of  copies
Motor Carrier Cases All cases 4
Railroad Cases All cases 7
Utility Cases    
AAC Application to amend a certificate 7
AAM Application to change accounting methods 10
ABN Application to abandon service 10
ACB Application to change boundary of a telephone exchange 4
ACE Application for a certificate 7
ACN Application to change name of utility (only when legal entity does not change) 10
ACX Application to continue or establish an EAS  agreement 4
AEC Application to establish, revise, or cancel a   contract 7
AER Application for exemption from requirements regarding issuance of stocks, bonds and notes 7
AGC Application for gas curtailment 7
AIA Application for interconnection approval 4
AID Application to issue dividends 4
AIS Application to issue stocks or securities 10
ALT Alternative telephone regulation 20
AMT Application to merge telephone companies 10
AOP  Application for authority to provide optional off-peak toll services 10
ARB Petition for Arbitration 15
ARC Application for relief from curtailment 7
ASE Application to offer sales of embeddedcustomer premises equipment 4
ASR Application for new service restrictions 4
AST Application suspend tariff filed pursuant to rule 4901:2-9-28, of the Administrative Code 7
ATA Application for tariff approval 10
ATC Application to transfer a certificate 7
ATR Application to conduct transaction between public utilities 10
ATW Application to Withdraw a Tier 1 Service 10
CIO Applications for Change in Operations 7
CMR Complaint on Municipal Rate 15
CMT Cinergy merger 10
COC Commission initiated complaint 7
COM Competitive/alternative telecommunication  services 4
CRC  Complaint on rates charged 7
CRD Pass-through coal research and development   costs 10
CSS Complaint on service or safety 10
CTR Contract - Application for one year Contract case number 7
DTP Data Collection 10
ECP Environmental compliance plan 7
EDI Electronic Data Interchange 10
ETP Electric Transition Plan 26
EFC Electric fuel component 10
EMG Emergency 911 service rates 4
FLX Minimum level flexible pricing 7
FOR Forecasting 7
GCR Gas adjustment clause 15
GPS Gas pipeline safety 7
PEB Petition for reallocation of electric service territory 5
PEX Petition for extended area service 7
PIP Percent income plan 10
PWA Purchased water adjustment 7
PWC Public Way Complaint 10
PWN Public Way Notification 10
PWR Public Way Regulatory Asset 10
PWT Public Way Tariff 10
RCC Application to Register as a Commercial Mobile Radio Service Provider 7
SLF Self complaint 10


Commission approved final utility company tariffs 10

Uncollectable Expense Rider

Rate Cases    
AEM Application to increase rates on an emergency, temporary basis  15
AIR Application to increase rates 20
ALI Application of a small telephone company for a limited increase in rates 10
NFP Application of a not-for-profit telephone company to increase rates 7
Miscellaneous Cases    
COI Commission inquiry 15
ORD Administrative order 10
UNC Unclassified 15
Competitive nonLEC telephone cases    
ZTA Introduction of new tariffed services 8
Power Siting Board Cases See OAC 4906-2 rules 02, 03, 04  
BAO Administrative order number 2 matters 10
BGA Application to amend a certificate, generating station / other filings 25 / 10
BGN Application for a certificate, generating station / other filings 25 / 10
BIN Study or investigation 10
BIR Application of OPSB to file answers from information responses for all utilities 10
BJF Jurisdictional finding 10
BLN Letter of notification 10
BNR Construction notification report 10
BRO Rule promulgation 10
BSA Application to amend a certificate, substation 10
BTA Application to amend a certificate, gas or electric transmission line / other filings 25 / 10
BTX Application for a certificate, gas or electric transmission line / other filings 25 / 10