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Electronic filing source file formats

E-filing technical information - acceptable native (or source) electronic file format types

The PUCO’s e-filing system requires the filing of a modifiable (unlocked/no password protection) PDF file which can be modified upon successful upload by the insertion of a last page bearing the time, date and filing information shown on the confirmation page. The PDF will also be password protected against modification to facilitate validation in subsequent use when the file is not directly downloaded from DIS.

Whenever possible, PDFs should be created directly from the electronic source files, as opposed to scanned images, because the former are considerably smaller and provide more accurate content search results. If the PDF file exceeds 10 MB, the PDF should be divided into smaller files and submitted in separate filings that are labeled appropriately in the document summary (e.g., “Part 1 of 2”).

Whenever possible, the electronic source files used to create the PDF should be uploaded after the PDF in the same filing. Multiple source files can be uploaded in the same filing. The following file formats are currently allowed for upload to the system:

  • DOC: Microsoft Word 97-2003 document
  • DOCX: Microsoft Word 2007-2010 document
  • GIF: image file
  • JPG: image file
  • JPEG: image file
  • MP4: video file
  • PDF: portable document format
  • PPS: Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2003 slideshow
  • PPSX: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007-2010 slideshow
  • PPT: Microsoft Powerpoint 97-2003 presentation
  • PPTX: Microsoft Powerpoint 2007-2010 presentation
  • PTX: hearing transcript files - read with free E-Transcript Viewer (available at
  • RAM: Real audio file
  • RTF: rich text format document
  • TXT: plain text file
  • XLS: Microsoft Excel 97-2003 spreadsheet
  • XLSX: Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 spreadsheet

Filers who have other source file types they wish to upload should contact Docketing at (614) 466-4095.

See the Electronic Filing Technical Requirements & Manual for further details.

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