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Annual Reports

The login procedure to file annual reports in the PUCO Community changed as of Jan. 21, 2020 – see PUCO Community page for more information.

The PUCO annual report filing deadline for calendar year 2018 has been extended to July 1, 2019 at 5:30 P.M. EST. The PUCO now utilizes a streamlined, web-based annual report filing system, the PUCO Community. Through the PUCO Community, regulated entities are able to file their annual reports and pay the assessments securely online with no additional fees.

Annual report filing instructions:

  1. Log in to the PUCO Community. The log in procedure to file annual reports in the PUCO Community will change in January. Please see PUCO Community page for more information.  
  2. Access the Mandatory Reports filing in the PUCO Community.
  3. Complete your annual report, which generally consists of your financial information, including the intrastate gross earnings of the company.  Each reporting company is requested to verify and update the docketing contact, who will receive official legal notice or service of process on behalf of the regulated company, and the fiscal contact, who will receive and have authority to pay the annual fiscal assessment invoices.
  4. Attach any required supplemental documents (see the chart below).
  5. Verify and submit your annual report and receive an automatic acknowledgement.

The PUCO will report annual report data to the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel (OCC) satisfying the requirements of R.C. 4905.14; hence, reporting companies are no longer required to file their annual report separately with the OCC.

If you represent multiple certificated companies, it is recommended you log in to the PUCO Community, click on the certificates tab and verify that you have access to all certificates of the companies you work for or represent. 

Need help filing your annual report?

Step-by-step instructions are available with the Community User Guide – Annual Reports and Assessment and also please consult our PUCO annual report filing instructional video.  If you have additional questions, please contact the PUCO Call Center at 1-800-686-PUCO (7826). 

Who needs to file an annual report

Each jurisdictional regulated entity that has an active PUCO certificate during the reporting year must file a separate annual report for each PUCO certificate number it holds, regardless of whether it conducted operations or generated revenue in Ohio during the reporting year. Even if a certificate of operation is canceled or abandoned in a reporting year, the regulated entity must file an annual report. Regulated entities do not have to file a report for any certificate that became effective after the reporting period.  Here is a list of companies required to file an annual report in 2019: 2018 Annual Report Required Filers List

How to edit or amend a report

You may edit a submitted annual report at any time prior to the extended filing deadline of July 1, 2019. After July 1, please contact the PUCO’s Legal Department at (614) 466-6843, as you may need to file a motion in the annual report’s docket, demonstrating good cause shown, requesting leave to file a late report or amend a previously filed report.

View filed annual reports

Historical annual reports prior to 2017 can be found at the link below. However, annual reports filed in 2017 and later can be viewed at a different webpage and will be automatically published when you submit your annual report electronically.

Penalties may apply to late filings

Failure to file an annual report by the extended filing deadline of July 1, 2019, may result in one or more of the following actions applied in addition to any assessment amounts owed, absent good cause shown:

  • The rescission of your company’s certificate or operating authority.
  • A forfeiture of not more than $10,000 per day, pursuant to RC 4905.54

Deadlines for the fiscal assessment

Pursuant to R.C. 4905.10(B), the following timeline applies for fiscal assessment:

  • Entities owing more than $1,000 dollars will receive notice on or before May 15 to pay an initial payment of 50 percent of their previous year’s assessment amount by June 20.
  • On or before October 1, the PUCO will notify all reporting entities of the final assessment amount.
  • Each regulated entity is required to pay the final assessment by November 1.

Listservs, supplemental schedules and additional information:

All regulated entities should subscribe to the appropriate industry list(s) by going to the Industry Listserv Sign Up, and selecting the appropriate industry service list(s) as shown in the chart below. The use of company mailboxes and multiple addresses should be considered to facilitate email service, and companies should take appropriate action to ensure that electronic mail service from the PUCO is not blocked or disabled.




Electric Distribution Utility Companies


FERC Form 1

Natural Gas Distribution Companies


GDC Schedules
in XLS format

Pipeline Companies



Certified Retail Electric Service Providers and Governmental Aggregators



Certified Retail Natural Gas Suppliers and Governmental Aggregators



Heating and Cooling Companies


H&C Schedules

Competitive & Wireless Telecommunications Service Providers



Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers


ILEC Schedule

Waterworks and Sewage Disposal Companies


W&S Schedules




Bridge & Water Transportation Companies


Water Transport Schedules