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Commission Meeting March 30, 2011

Minutes of the Commission Meeting
Legal Department
(614) 466-7702


March 30, 2011 - 1:30 p.m.


Todd A. Snitchler, Chairman
Valerie A. Lemmie, Commissioner
Cheryl L. Roberto, Commissioner
Steven D. Lesser, Commissioner
Paul J. Duffy, Legal Director
Gregory Price, Electric Section, Legal Department
Christine Pirik, Gas and Transportation Sections, Legal Department
Jeff Jones, Telephone and Water Sections, Legal Department
Vesta Miller, Legal Department

This meeting was convened pursuant to the regular agenda issued on March 24, 2011, for the week of March 28, 2011.


The minutes of the March 23, 2011 Commission Meeting were approved by the Commissioners.


The Commission met for the purpose of considering the following cases and to act upon the proposed Entries and Orders.




Signing Session: March 30, 2011 at 1:30 p.m.


Columbus Southern Power Company
Columbus Southern Power Company
(Entry considering application for rehearing)
Stricken from the March 30, 2011 agenda.
09-495-EL-UNC Duke-Ohio Energy Ohio, Inc.
(Proposed opinion and order)
(rescheduled from 3/23)
Rescheduled to appear on April 4, 2011 agenda.
09-1315-EL-EEC Toledo Edison Company and Toledo Correctional Institute
(Finding and order considering application)
Discussed.  Approval moved and seconded, vote 3-1.  Commissioner Roberto filed a dissenting opinion.
Ohio Power Company and Jefferson Community College
Ohio Power Company and Crestwood Manor Nursing Home
Ohio Power Company and CVS Pharmacy, Inc. #3471
Ohio Power Company and Maple Crest Retirement Center
(Finding and order considering applications)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.
Tigerpoly Manufacturing, Inc.
Alexander Local Schools
CVS Pharmacy, Inc. #3381
Riverside Methodist Hospital
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Duke Realty LP
City of Circleville
84 Lumber Co.
84 Lumber Co.
Giant Eagle, Inc.
Columbus Metropolitan Library
Columbus Regional Airport Authority
Columbus Regional Airport Authority
CVS Corporation
(Finding and order considering applications)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.
09-1940-EL-REN R.E. Burger Units 4 & 5
(Entry considering request to withdraw)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.
11-281-EL-FAC Columbus Southern Power Company and Ohio Power Company
(Consideration of finding and order)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.


10-2330-GA-AIS Brainard Gas Corporation, Northeast Ohio Natural Gas Corporation, and Orwell Natural Gas Corporation
(Finding and order considering issuance of debt)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.


08-277-TR-CVF Andrew P. Waller
(Entry considering civil forfeitures)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.
08-379-TR-CVF John R. Schneider
(Entry considering civil forfeitures)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.
10-2522-TR-CVF Dice Freight, LLC
(Finding and order considering proposed settlement agreement)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.
Rebman Truck Service, Inc.
Rebman Truck Service, Inc.
(Entry considering closure of cases)
Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.


Resolution approved the appointment of Betty McCauley as Commission Secretary and Tanowa A. Troupe and M. Beth Trombold as Acting Secretaries Approval moved and seconded, vote 4-0.


WC Docket No. 10-90
GN Docket No. 09-51
WC Docket No. 07-135
WC Docket No. 05-337
CC Docket No. 01-92
CC Docket No. 96-45
WC Docket No. 03-109
Connect America Fund
A National Broadband plan for Our Future
Establishing Just and Reasonable Rates for Local Exchange Carriers
High-Cost Universal Service Support
Developing an Unified Intercarrier Compensation Regime
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service
Lifeline and Link-Up
(Proposed comments)
The Commission authorized the Assistant Attorneys General to file comments with the FCC.  Vote 4-0.
  Presentation of document from Governor Kasich recognizing Renee J. Jenkins upon her retirement from the Commission.  



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Chair Secretary