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Understanding your electric bill

For a detailed explanation of your electric bill, please click on the name of your local electric utility below.

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Renewable, efficiency and peak demand reduction cost disclosure

In May 2014, the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 310, which directed the  PUCO to adopt rules to disclose to customers the costs of Ohio's renewable energy energy efficiency and peak demand reduction requirements. In December 2015, the PUCO directed the electric utilities and competitive retail electric companies to implement the new requirements. 

Electric distribution utilities (EDU) show informational line items on bills to inform customers of the average cost of compliance with the renewable energy, energy efficiency and peak demand reductions requirements. These line items are not new or additional charges, but only information on the approximate cost of compliance paid by the customer based on their monthly usage.

The calculation of the dollar amount on the customer’s bill for renewable energy compliance is an average of all the Ohio EDU’s cost of renewable resources, as calculated by the PUCO, multiplied by the customer’s monthly kWh usage and the statutory requirements. The energy efficiency savings and the peak demand reduction requirements are calculated by multiplying the customer usage by each applicable rider.