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FCC discussion points Oct. 4, 2016

October 25, 2016

Discussion Points: Technology Transitions- July 2016 Report and Order


  • Overarching Theme: Technology transitions demand regulatory transitions.

  • Technology Transitions Discontinuance Applications

    • What Applications Are Covered: Traditional vs. New Test

    • The Adequate Replacement Test

      • Substantially Similar Levels of Network Infrastructure and Service Quality

      • Compliance with Existing Federal and Industry Standards to Ensure Critical Applications Remain Available

      • Interoperability and Compatibility with Key Applications and Functionalities

    • Ways to achieve compliance

    • Successful previous applications

    • Third party services

  • First Prong: Network Infrastructure and Service Quality

    • Substantially similar network performance

      • Latency: 100 milliseconds

      • Data Loss: Less than one percent

    • Substantially similar service availability

    • Coverage to the entire affected geographic area

    • Small business exemption

    • Non-packet wireless networks

  • Second Prong: Critical Applications

    • 911        

      • 911 accessibility and location accuracy requirements

      • Backup power

      • Other applicable emergency service requirements

    • Communications Security

      • Comparably effective protection from network security risks

      • Alternative approach- checklist

      • Third party approach

    • Applications for Individuals with Disabilities

      • Compliance with accessible, usability, and compatibility requirements

  • Third Prong: Compatibility with Key Applications

    • Low speed modem devices: fax machines, home security alarms, medical monitoring devices, point of sale terminals

  • Other Issues

    • Affordability

    • Consumer Education

    • Notice Requirements

  • Current Status of the Rules