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Motor carrier post-inspection process

Driver/vehicle inspections

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and the Ohio State Highway Patrol strive to perform thorough and fair motor carrier inspections to ensure safety on Ohio highways. Each safety inspection follows a thorough process to make sure the driver and motor carrier meet the necessary state and federal regulations. Drivers and carriers that do not meet these regulations are issued violations, and in some cases cannot continue driving until the violation is corrected.

Once an inspection is completed, the PUCO, driver, and/or the motor carrier must take several additional steps to finalize the inspection process. Here is some helpful information about what to expect after a driver/vehicle inspection.

The PUCO notification

After the inspection, the PUCO inspector provides a copy of the "Driver Vehicle Inspection Report" and the "Repair Certification Form" to be turned in to the motor carrier.

Within 90 days of the inspection, a notice will be sent from the PUCO regarding any alleged violations, and any monetary forfeiture associated with the inspection. Depending on the violations that were discovered, the fines may be issued to the driver or motor carrier, and in the case of hazardous materials violations, possibly the shipper.

After receiving the notification

Once the notification is received from the PUCO, the information and any alleged violations listed should be reviewed. If you believe that any of the violations described in the notification did not occur as alleged, did not constitute a violation of the safety rules, or if you believe you were not responsible for the alleged violations, you can make a request for conference with the PUCO. This is an informal dispute process provided as a means of resolving the case. The payment of any fines will be held in abeyance until after the conference. A detailed explanation of this process will be enclosed with the notification from the PUCO.

Within 30 days of receiving notification, you must either pay the forfeiture amount assessed or send a written request for conference. If you do not fulfill either of these options in 30 days, the forfeiture amount will be referred to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for collection.

To find out more

PUCO Motor Carrier Safety Rules Handbook

In addition, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Handbook can be found at