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Home warranties

Many utilities partner with companies that offer Ohioans programs that assist in covering the cost of repairing customer-owned wiring, pipes and equipment. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) offers the following information to aid consumers in deciding whether to enroll in a utility warranty plan.

Who is selling the plan?

Some PUCO-regulated utilities partner with third-party vendors or their affiliates to offer warranty products that occasionally accompany a consumer’s utility bill or mailed directly to its customers. It is important to understand exactly what entity is providing coverage before enrolling in any offered products.

What do the plans cover?

Plan coverage is dictated by the terms and conditions of the warranty. Typical programs cover the parts of electrical wiring, gas equipment and telephone lines that consumers are required to maintain. Discuss any pre-existing concerns with the vendor and always refer to the plan documents for an exact definition of covered events. It is important to note that any decision to enroll or not enroll in a warranty plan will not change the portion of home wiring, equipment or pipelines for which the consumer is responsible. 

Is the plan necessary?

As with any warranty offering, the decision to enroll in a plan is an individual one. The PUCO recommends Ohioans consult their existing insurance plans, including homeowners insurance, before making an enrollment decision. Renters should consult their landlord and review any leases to determine responsibility for utility lines on rental property. Enrollment in a warranty product is optional and any failure to pay program costs will not affect the availability or pricing of utility service.

Where can I find additional information?

Contact your utility or plan vendor for more information regarding a specific warranty offering. Additionally, contact the utility for a detailed explanation of a consumer’s responsibility to maintain home wiring, equipment or pipelines.