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Electric do not aggregate list

What is the electric do not aggregate list?

The electric do not aggregate list contains the name, service address and identification numbers of Ohio electric utility customers that desire to remove themselves from the pool of customers eligible to participate in an electric opt-out governmental aggregation program. Governmental aggregators that enroll customers through opt-out aggregation are required to remove the names of customers who have registered on the do not aggregate list from their list of eligible customers. PUCO procedures require governmental aggregators or their supplier to use the do not aggregate list to remove customers whose names appear on the list at least 60 days prior to mailing its opt-out notice.

What is opt-out governmental aggregation?

Ohio law allows local governments to form electricity buying groups on behalf of their citizens. These groups, known as governmental aggregations, leverage their “buying power” to solicit a lower supplier price for the electricity needs of their members. Opt-out governmental aggregation automatically enrolls all local residents, unless they individually opt-out of the program and choose not to be included.

How can electric customers register on the do not aggregate list?

Customers can register in three ways:

  1. Complete and submit the online electronic form.
  2. Download and complete the printable PDF form and mail or fax it to:

    The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
    Attn: TeleText Services Division
    180 East Broad Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
    Fax: (614) 466-0313
  3. Call the PUCO toll-free at (800) 686-PUCO (7826). Customers will be asked to provide their name, service address and the customer account or identification number located on their utility bill.

Other important information

  • Customers who move, even within the same utility service territory, must re-register on the do not aggregate list.
  • Customers with multiple accounts are required to register each individual account.
  • The do not aggregate list is for electric governmental aggregations only. Registering for the electric do not aggregate list will not prevent a customer's natural gas account from being enrolled in a gas governmental aggregation.
  • Customers who register on the do not aggregate list but still receive an opt-out mailing from electric governmental aggregation, should fill out and return the opt-out card if they do not want to be part of the aggregation.
  • Customers who register on the do not aggregate list will not be removed from electric governmental aggregations that they are already enrolled in.

Once registered on the do not aggregate list, customers’ names and service addresses will be displayed publicly on the PUCO website. Customer account and identification numbers will remain confidential.