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Motor carrier compliance reviews

Motor Carrier Compliance Reviews One of the motor carrier regulatory duties of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is to conduct compliance reviews of motor carriers to ensure they are operating safely and responsibly. These reviews are conducted in conjunction with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety

Motor carrier overview

The PUCO’s Transportation Department, Motor Carrier Division is committed to improving road safety for Ohioans by ensuring the equitable service of commercial motor carriers and the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) in Ohio. Motor carrier companies that transport for commerce and operate in Ohio must remain in compliance with all federal and state safety regulations.

Motor carrier post-inspection process

Motor Carrier Post-Inspection Process Driver/Vehicle Inspections The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) and the Ohio State Highway Patrol strive to perform thorough and fair motor carrier inspections to ensure safety on Ohio highways. Each safety inspection follows a thorough process to make sure the

Moving 'to do' list

The checklist below covers many of the tasks you may need to do before you move, depending on how far you'll be moving.

Natural gas customers' bill of rights

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is the state regulatory agency that has authority over investor-owned public utilities, including local natural gas companies. The PUCO regulates the rates customers pay for natural gas distribution, monitors the market-based rates charged for natural gas supplies and

Natural gas overview

Natural Gas Overview Natural gas is the energy source most Ohioans use to heat their homes. Several separate and­­ distinct industries produce, transport, and distribute gas throughout Ohio . These segments are production companies, transmission companies, distribution companies, and marketers. The

Natural gas pipeline safety compliance actions
Natural gas pipeline safety in Ohio

The PUCO is committed to ensuring the safe, reliable and environmentally sound operation of Ohio's natural gas pipeline system. PUCO investigators inspect each natural gas pipeline system in the state at least once every two years and review records and procedures implemented by utilities. When violations are detected, the PUCO orders corrective action and may assess fines and other penalties to ensure that Ohio’s natural gas pipeline systems continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably.

Natural gas safety

Natural gas is used by more than 50 percent of American households as their main heating source. Natural gas is clean, efficient and relatively safe. However, because there are potential dangers associated with natural gas usage, the PUCO recommends that consumers remember these safety tips. 

Net metering

Generating Your Own Electricity: Net Metering Interested in producing your own electricity?  Let us provide you with general information to assist you in making an informed decision. If you are an electric utility customer and are interested in generating your own electricity from renewable sources Ohio law allows

New entrant motor carrier safety program

New Entrant Motor Carrier Program Safety Audit The New Entrant Motor Carrier Safety Program, administered by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), is designed to help new motor carrier operations understand the complex federal and state regulations that motor carriers are required to follow. This program

Ohio Rail Hotline

The Ohio Rail Hotline, maintained jointly by the PUCO, the Ohio Rail Development Commission, and the Ohio Department of Transportation, at (866) 814- RAIL (7245), provides Ohioans with a toll-free resource answering all their railroad crossing questions. Call the Ohio Rail Hotline to obtain information and ask

Ohio Railroad Information System

The Ohio Railroad Information System contains a comprehensive and interactive database of highway-rail crossings in the State of Ohio. You can search individual crossings or view blocked crossing and crossing crash data.

Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS): "Call before you dig"

Call 8-1-1 or 1-800-362-2764 before you dig: It’s the law!

Ohio's rail grade crossing programs

Ohio is a national leader in terms of railroad operations. Ohio is home to 43 railroads that operate thousands of trains in Ohio every day over approximately 5,200 miles of track and 6,100 public grade crossings. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is the state agency with regulatory authority over.

One Source Energy

On Nov. 6, 2019, the PUCO approved the transfer of pipeline assets and customers from One Source Energy to Northeast Ohio Natural Gas.

Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus)

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan, PIPP Plus, helps make monthly payments more affordable on a year-round basis. And, when a PIPP Plus household pays the monthly PIPP Plus payment on-time and in-full, some of their old debt and the rest of that month's bill goes away in the form of a credit on their utility account.

Protect your Move

What's moving fraud and how can you avoid it?

PUCO civil forfeiture program

PUCO Civil Forfeiture Program Ensuring safe commercial transportation throughout Ohio is a priority of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). One way this is achieved is through developing consumer protection and safety regulations and monitoring motor carriers for compliance with the proper federal and