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Utility maps

This page contains utility-related PDF maps, interactive web maps and shapefile downloads. PDF maps are suitable to view online, download or print. Interactive web maps allow you to zoom to a custom scale for a detailed view of a specific area of interest. Shapefiles are for use in GIS software. You can browse our Maps & GIS Data Directory as an alternate means to find maps and other related resources. Finally, please review our Maps & GIS Data Disclaimer, which applies to all our published maps and geographic data. Some of the maps on the PUCO website utilize geocoding services from Texas A&M University Geoservices.

Electric Maps

Electric Service Area Statewide Map Size A

Electric Service Area Interactive Map

Electric Service Area Quadrangle Maps

Municipal Electric Utilities in Ohio

Electric Government Aggregator Map

Wind Farm Map and Statistics

Utility Search by Address


Natural Gas Maps

Natural Gas Distribution Companies

Natural Gas Government Aggregator Map

Telephone Maps

Telephone Service Area Statewide Map Size A

Telephone Service Area Statewide Map Size E

Telephone Exchange Interactive Map

Telephone exchange boundary maps

Telephone Exchange Quadrangle Maps

Ohio LATA Map (PDF)

Ohio Area Code Map (PDF)

Utility Search by Address


Transportation Maps

HAZMAT Routing Map for NE Ohio (PDF)

HAZMAT Routing Map for Central Ohio (PDF)

Railroad Crossing Accident Map

Water Maps

Water Company Statewide Map Size A

Water Company Statewide Map Size E

Regulated Water Company County Maps

Utility Search by Address


Shapefile Downloads

Electric Service Areas

Telephone Exchange Areas


External Map Links

National Pipeline Mapping System

Federal Communications Commission Maps

Ohio Department of Transportation Maps

PJM Maps