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Pending Rules

Ohio coal research and development rate

Guidelines for coal research and development cost recovery for gas and natural gas companies under chapter 4901:1-12.

Towing of motor vehicles

Guidelines for the towing of motor vehicles under proposed chapter 4901:2-22.

Regulation of transportation network companies

Guidelines for the registration of transportation network companies under chapter 4901:2-22.

Forfeiture and compliance orders

Guidelines for civil forfeiture and compliance applicable to for-hire motor carriers under chapter 4901:2-7.

Transportation of household goods

Guidelines for the transportation of household goods under chapter 4901:2-19.

Electric utility emergency plans and coordination for restoration of electric service

Guidelines for electric utility emergency plans under rule 4901:1-10-08.

Net metering

Guidelines for electric companies; specifically, guidelines for net metering under rule 4901:1-10-28.

Energy efficiency programs

Guidelines for energy efficiency programs under chapter 4901:1-39.

Alternative energy portfolio standard

Guidelines for alternative energy portfolios under chapter 4901:1-40.

Gas and electric forecast reports

Guidelines for the filing of gas and electric forecast reports under chapters 4901:5-1, 4901:5-3, 4901:5-5 and 4901:5-7.

Retail telecommunication services

Standards and procedures for the provision of retail telecommunications services set forth in chapter 4901:1-6.

Natural gas infrastructure development rider

Guidelines for applications by natural gas companies for infrastructure development riders to recover costs of certain economic development projects filed under chapter 4901:1-43.