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Pending Rules

911 Service Program, Case Number 12-2055-TP-ORD
Local Exchange Carrier-to-Carrier: Chapter 4901:1-7 - Case No. 12-922-TP-ORD
Long-Term Forecast - Case No. 10-2912-GE-ORD

Staff's proposed amendments of November 9, 2011, for modifications to PUCO Long-Term Forecast Rules - Case No. 10-2912-GE-ORD

Portfolio Plan Template for Electric Utility Programs in Case No. 09-714-EL-UNC

Portfolio Plan Template for Electric Utility Energy Efficiency & Peak-Demand Reduction Programs in Case No. 09-714-EL-UNC. Rule 4901:1-39-04, as adopted by the Commission in its June 17, 2009 Entry on Rehearing  in Case No. 08-888-EL-ORD, requires each electric utility to create an energy efficiency and peak-demand reduction program

Green Rules: Energy Efficiency, Alternative Energy & Emission Reporting in Case No. 08-888-EL-ORD

Implementation of S.B. 221 - Green Rules: Energy Efficiency & Peak-Demand Reduction Programs - Chapter 4901:1-39, Alternative & Renewable Energy Portfolios - Chapter 4901:1-40,  Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Emission Reporting - Chapter 4901:1-41, and Amendment of Forecast Rules in Chapters 4901:5-1, 4901:5-3, and 4901:5-5 of the Ohio  in Case No. 08-888-EL-ORD

Fuel Adjustment Clause Guidelines in Case No. 10-479-EL-UNC

Fuel Adjustment Clause Guidelines  in Case No. 10-479-EL-UNC

Staff Guidelines for Electric Utility Reliability Standards under Rule 4901:1-10-10(B)

Staff’s Guidelines for Reliability Standards Applications filed under Rules 4901:1-10-10(B) for each electric utility to establish company-specific minimum reliably performance standards