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Motor carrier registration forms

Motor carrier registration forms

The PUCO serves the following roles related to motor carrier registration:

  • Approves the registration of for-hire motor carriers operating within Ohio (intrastate);
  • Registers hazardous materials and hazardous waste transporters;
  • Maintains compliance records on the registered carriers; i.e. insurance filings, resident agent records and annual renewal records;
  • Monitors insurance filings for cancellations and suspends carriers who do not have active insurance on file;
  • Reinstates carriers when insurance is received;
  • Cites carriers for failure to get insurance reinstated in defined time;
  • Cites carriers for failure to pay annual PUCO tax fee; and
  • Revokes the authority of carriers who have been cited for failure to meet compliance requirements within the designated time.

Forms Unified Carrier Registration

  • 2014 through 2016 application and instructions
    (Annual registration form used by all private carriers, for-hire carriers, brokers, leasing companies and freight forwarders operating in interstate commerce.)
    • UCR-1
      When do I need to use the UCR-1 form?
      If you subtracted vehicles used exclusively for intrastate transportationwhen you registered for UCR, you must maintain a list of the vehicles you subtracted. You must also provide this information to the PUCO on this form upon request.  In order to subtract a commercial motor vehicle under this option, during the UCR registration year
      • 1) the vehicle did not or will not travel outside the state;
      • 2) the vehicle did not or will not carry property, waste or recyclable material that originated outside the state or is destined for a location outside the state; and
      •  3) the vehicle was not or will not be registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP) (vehicle must not have an apportioned plate).
    • UCR-2
      When do I need to use the UCR-2 form?
      If you obtained the vehicle count for the numbers you entered in section 4 of the UCR registration form from the number of vehicles you owned and operated for the previous 12-month period ending June 30th (option B), and your fleet count using this method places you in a bracket with a lower fee than if you had selected option A on the UCR registration form, you must maintain a list of vehicles covered by your UCR registration and provide this information on form UCR-2 to the PUCO upon request.

Intrastate registration (property, passengers, and household goods carriers)

Complete application packet
          To be used for initial applications, annual renewals and amended registrations.

New registrants: Operations may not begin until a Form E is filed with the commission by your insurance company.  A Form E and Form H is required for household goods movers.

Supplemental application packet
To be used when adding new equipment to a current and active authority.

Alliance for Uniform HazMat Transportation Procedures

Please contact the Motor Carrier Registration Section at 614-466-3392 option 2, to request a PIN letter that will allow you to register online using the Ohio Motor Carrier Information System (OMCIS).