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Electric market monitoring reporting forms

March 9, 2017

Please Note

  • Instructions for the new online system will be coming soon.

The Division of Planning and Market Analysis is required by 4901:1-25-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code to collect monthly information on a quarterly basis from:

  • Electric distribution utilities (EDU)
  • Competitive retail electric service (CRES) providers: certified electric utilities power marketers, power brokers, aggregators or independent power producers/distributed generators
  • Certified competitive electric cooperatives
  • Governmental aggregators

The purpose of these market monitoring requirements is to assist the PUCO in determining the extent to which effective competition exists for a competitive retail electric service.

Filing instructions

Beginning with the first quarter reports of 2017, all filers will be required to utilize the new online system to file their market monitoring report(s) electronically.  The PUCO will no longer accept the previously approved forms (MM Forms 1.1, 1.2, 1.2B, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, and 1.6) via email.  Once logged into the system, filers will have the option to enter their data manually or upload it via an XML file.  Filers wishing to utilize the upload option can download the XML Schema Definition (XSD) templates below: 

Form Form Name (click to download)
1.2 Non-Competitive Retail Electric Generation Services (Distribution Utilities Only)
1.2B Competitive Retail Electric Generation Services (Distribution Utilities Only)
1.3 Competitive Retail Electric Generation Services (Active Competitive Retail Electric Service Providers)
1.4 Aggregation Services (Aggregators and Governmental Aggregators)
1.5A Distribution Utility Residential Rate Schedules
1.5B Distribution Utility Commercial Rate Schedules
1.5C Distribution Utility Industrial Rate Schedules
1.5D Distribution Utility Street Lighting and Other Rate Schedules
1.6A Green Pricing Program for Competitive Retail Electric Service
1.6B Green Pricing Program for Electric Distribution Utility

Please note that regulated entities required to file market monitoring reports (EDU, CRES, certified competitive electric cooperatives, governmental aggregators) need to identify the authorized contact/filer for the market monitoring reports in our Customer Account Registration Database (CARD). If you have not yet designated the authorized individual who can file market monitoring reports on your behalf, please email  The PUCO requests that you submit the required information by January 19, 2017, in order to be prepared to file your quarterly marketing monitoring report in our new online system.

Quarterly report filing

Online Market Monitoring Application

Market monitoring manual

Coming Soon - Online Market Monitoring Manual

Attention energy brokers - reporting required

If you are registered as an energy broker with the PUCO and DID NOT take title to energy in a given quarter, you are still required to complete your marketing monitoring reports, verifying that you have no reportable information pursuant to O.A.C. 4901:1-25-02(A)(3).

Power brokers

Power Brokers Quarterly Report Form


Name: Amanda Stallings
Phone Number: (614) 466-7947