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Division of Planning and Market Analysis Electric Forms

Divison of Planning and Market Analysis

Electric Forms

The Division of Planning and Market Analysis is required by Rule 4901:1-25-02 of the Ohio Administrative Code to collect monthly information on a quarterly basis from the following entities:

  • Electric Distribution Utilities (EDUs)
  • Competitive Retail Electric Service Providers: certified electric utilities power marketers, power brokers, aggregators or independent power producers/distributed generators
  • Certified Competitive Electric Cooperatives
  • Governmental Aggregators

The purpose of these market monitoring requirements is to assist the PUCO in determining the extent to which effective competition exists for a competitive retail electric service. The forms and instructions were created in a Microsoft Excel 97 format and can only be viewed if you have Microsoft Excel on your computer. You are required to e-mail all necessary data to the PUCO in an Excel 97 format.

View Forms and Instructions

To view the forms and instructions, simply click on the BLUE underlined item listed below. An Excel file will be loaded that contains two sheets. The first sheet contains the FORM and the second sheet contains the INSTRUCTIONS. In order to view either the form or the instructions, simply click on the appropriate tab.

To return to this page after viewing the appropriate form, click on your back button or simply CLOSE the Excel spreadsheet. 

List of Forms

  • Flow Chart - displays which forms you need to fill out
  • PUCO Form 1.1 Cover Sheet - required by all entities
  • PUCO Form 1.2 Non-Competitive Generation Services - required by EDUs
  • PUCO Form 1.2B Competitive Generation Services- required by EDUs
  • PUCO Form 1.3 Competitive Generation Services- required by Certified Electric Utilities, Power Marketers, Independent Power Producers/Distributed Generators and Certified Competitive Electric Cooperatives (Updated - 10/21/02)
  • PUCO Form 1.4 Aggregation Services - required by Aggregators and Governmental Aggregators
  • PUCO Form 1.5A EDU Residential Rate Schedules -required by EDUs
  • PUCO Form 1.5B EDU Commercial Rate Schedules -required by EDUs
  • PUCO Form 1.5C EDU Industrial Rate Schedules -required by EDUs
  • PUCO Form 1.5D EDU Street Lighting & Other Rate Schedules - required by EDUs
(updated as of 02-07-12)

Instructions to Download

  • Click on one of the Forms listed above that you wish to download.
  • After the Excel File is loaded, click on [FILE] [SAVE AS].
  • Type in the directory and the name that you wish to save the file under. For example, c:\test.xls saves the file in the c directory with filename of test.xls.

Data Security Issues

The Commission has ordered that Staff treat certain categories of information as confidential due to their market sensitivity.  To support this, and to accommodate any concern by CRES providers that such sensitive data might be compromised in the process of transmitting it via the internet, the following encryption procedures are being made available for use by CRES providers.  This encryption is optional.  It is offered as a way to give comfort to CRES providers in complying with the requirement to provide the data in electronic format.

  • Data Submissions deemed by the Commission to require confidential treatment will be encoded using PGP encoding schemes to provide security against interception of the data in transit.  Instructions for use of PGP for this purpose are available here.
  • Once the data has been received at the Commission, it will be decoded and stored on an isolated machine. This machine has no modem and no network connections, isolating it from the possibility of data discovery over the Internet.
    The decoding system will be provided with physical security, both for itself and it's backup files.