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Natural gas consumer information

Natural gas pipeline safety in Ohio

The PUCO is committed to ensuring the safe, reliable and environmentally sound operation of Ohio's natural gas pipeline system. PUCO investigators inspect each natural gas pipeline system in the state at least once every two years and review records and procedures implemented by utilities. When violations are detected, the PUCO orders corrective action and may assess fines and other penalties to ensure that Ohio’s natural gas pipeline systems continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably.

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The natural gas industry is a complex network of companies that produce, transport, and distribute natural gas. In Ohio, more than three million people use natural gas. The PUCO oversees more than 56,000 miles of distribution lines, which provide natural gas to individual users, as well as more than 10,000 miles of transmission lines and over 1,100 miles of gathering lines. Natural gas customers in Ohio can choose who provides their natural gas. You can use the PUCO’s Energy Choice Ohio website to compare offers.

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