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Electric Industry Information

The electric industry consists of three main components: generation, transmission, and distribution. The PUCO regulates all transmission and distribution companies.

Electric Industry Topics

ACP: Non-Solar Alternative Compliance Payment under ORC 4928.64
Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Reports - 2009
Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Reports - 2010
Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Reports - 2011
Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Reports - 2012
Alternative Energy Portfolio Status Reports – 2013
Combined Heat and Power in Ohio
Commission reviewing pilot for opting out of energy efficiency rider
Electric do not aggregate list - governmental aggregator/supplier information
Electric Restructuring
Electric service and safety standards
Energy Efficiency and Peak Demand Order/Rules Highlights
Energy Efficiency Protocols for Measurement and Verification
Environmental Disclosure Information for EDUs and CRES Providers
Ohio Biomass Energy Program
Ohio EDI Working Group
Ohio Energy Efficiency Technical Resource Manual Workshop
Ohio GATE: Gaining Access Through Economics with Ohio Utilities
Ohio Home Performance Network
Ohio Market Development Working Group
Ohio’s Renewable and Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard
Planning and Market Analysis Division Industry Information
PUCO Policy Statement for Executive Order 2008-04S
Regulated Electric Companies
Retail market investigation
Rules for competitive retail electric service (CRES)
SEET - Significantly Excessive Earnings Test for Electric Distribution Utilities
Smart Grid Consumer Privacy and Customer Data Access Issues
Technical Conference Regarding FirstEnergy's Application to Establish a Competitive Bidding Process - August 16, 2007