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Use of PGP for Electric Restructuring Data Sheets

Use of PGP for Electric Restructuring Data Sheets


A number of versions of PGP are available on various platforms.  Whatever version you choose must be compatible with Version 6.5.3 on a Windows platform.  Information on various Versions and their compatibility is available at this link.

Setting Up PGP for Use

This document assumes that you will be using PGP software of the type available from Network Associates.  While other products use compatible encoding schemes, and may be used (subject to compatibility testing), this documentation only covers the Network Associates product.  In addition, while the software is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, this document only addresses the specifics as to the Windows platform.

Step 1)    Install PGP following the directions enclosed with the product.

Step 2)    After installing PGP, download this file into the directory in which you installed PGP:

Step 3)    Once the file has been downloaded, launch PGPKeys.  You will be presented with a dialog box that looks like this:


Step 4)    From the menu line, click on Keys and Import.  This will bring up a new dialog box shown below


Step 5)    Click on "Market Monitoring and Assessment - PUCO Secure Data Recipient.asc" then Click on Open.  You will be presented with the dialog box below, showing the keys present in the file.  Highlight the only key in the file, then click on Import in the dialog box that appears.  This will add the Public Key for the system to your Keyring.


At this point PGP is set up for use. 

Using PGP to Encode Data Sheets

Once installed, the PGP software attaches itself to Windows Explorer, making encoding the files to be sent a simple matter.

Step 1)    In Windows Explorer, open the folder containing the files to be encoded (See below)

Step 2)    Highlight the files to be encoded, then Right-Click on the highlighted files.  Select PGP and Encrypt from the drop-down menus.


Step 3)    You will be presented with the "Key Selection" dialog box.  Drag the key for "Market Monitoring and Asessment Division Secure Mail Recipient" to the lower window, as shown below.  The "Text Output", "Conventional Encryption", and "Self Decrypting Archive" options MUST be unchecked, though you may check the "Wipe Original" option if you wish to destroy the original files.


Step 4)    The resulting encrypted files (with a ".pgp" final extension) will be in the directory in which you selected the files for encryption.  They may then be e-mailed to the Commission.  Refer to the Instructions for the Cover Sheet under the "How and Where to Report" section for the e-mail address.