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The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio is requesting quotations from offerors who hold State Term Schedule Contracts with the State of Ohio, to redesign and enhance the Commission’s Ohio Motor Carrier Information System (OMCIS) Forfeiture module.

The following documents provide design specifications.  For more information about the RFQ process and timelines,  please go to the DAS Procurement website at:


Attachment “A”    Systems Requirements Specification – Forfeiture I1-I4

Attachment “B”    Forfeiture Iterations I1-I2 Functional Requirements

Attachment “C”    Forfeiture Iterations I3-I4 Functional Requirements

Attachment “D”    Forfeiture Iterations I1-I2 Use Case Document

Attachment “E”     Forfeiture Iterations I3-I4 Use Case Document

Attachment “F”     OMCIS Architecture Document

Attachment “G”    OMCIS Forfeiture DB_V3.3

Attachment “H”    Forfeiture Lookup Values 3.0

Attachment “I”      Executive Order 2011-12K

Attachment “J”     Standard Affirmation and Disclosure Form