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Ohio’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

Ohio’s Renewable and Advanced Energy Portfolio Standard
Senate Bill 310:

Governor John Kasich signed Ohio Senate Bill 310 into law on Friday, June 13, 2014.  The bill makes changes to Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements.  The PUCO is in the process of updating this page to reflect those changes.


Ohio law (Revised Code Section 4928.64) requires electric distribution utilities and electric services companies to secure a portion of their electricity supplies from alternative energy resources.  By the year 2025, 25 percent of the electricity sold by each utility or electric services company within Ohio must be generated from alternative energy sources. At least 12.5 percent must be generated from renewable energy resources, including wind, hydro, biomass and at least 0.5 percent solar. The remainder can be generated from advanced energy resources, including nuclear, clean coal and certain types of fuel cells. In addition, at least one half of the renewable energy used must be generated at facilities located in Ohio. All companies must meet annual renewable and solar energy benchmarks that increase as a percentage of electric supply each year.

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