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Ohio home performance network

Financing and incentives

Workforce development

Marketing and driving demand

Meeting summary

July 12 Residential EE Program design

A national overview and analysis of EE programs.

Residential Energy Efficiency Program case studies, PowerPoint by Merrian Goggio Borgeson, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

July 19 Connecting real estate values to energy efficiency investments

Presentations on existing and proposed methods to link EE to residential real estate values.

Bringing energy efficiency into the real estate value chain, Robin LeBaron, National Home Performance Council

NRDC on valuing EE investments, Dylan Sullivan, Phil Henderson and Richard Faesy, National Resources Defense Council

July 26  Ohio electric utilities report on all-electric homes

AEP, DP&L, Duke and First Energy outline all-electric customer profiles in their service areas.

Snapshot of  AEP Ohio all-electric residential characteristics 2012, Jon Williams, AEP

Duke Energy Ohio: Electrically heated homes information, Tim Duff, Duke

Aug 2 Ohio Home Performance Programs

Report on all residential EE programs in effect at electric and gas companies in Ohio.

Data from Ohio Multi-Measure Residential EE Programs, Powerpoint by Merrian Goggio Borgeson, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Ohio Multi-Measure EE Programs, spreadsheet compilation of statewide survey by Merrian Goggio Borgeson

Aug 30 Preliminary conversations to form a coalition to promote energy efficiency in Ohio

Proposed Energy Efficiency Coalition Name

Potential stakeholders for PUCO home performance meeting

Sub-group descriptions for EE Ramp-Up Coalition