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MARKET MONITORING - Frequently Asked QUESTIONS & ANSWERS about the Market Monitoring Forms

Q. Who is required to fill out the Market Monitoring Forms?

A. All Certified CRES providers in Ohio or all EDUs operating in Ohio.  At a minimum, all participants must fill out Form MM1.1.

Q.  I am an Aggregator.  What forms do I fill out?

A. All Aggregators or  Governmental Aggregators, should fill out Form MM1.1 and Form MM1.4.

Q. As an Aggregator, how do I determine if I have any customers?

A. If your customers are receiving electricity from a CRES provider, or otherwise on a competitive basis that is not pursuant to an EDU rate schedule, and is not pursuant to a special contract (i.e., bundled service under a contract approved by the Commission pursuant to Section 4905.31 of the Ohio Revised Code prior to January 1, 2001), then you have customers.

Q. I am an Aggregator and do not have any customers.  Do I still have to fill out Form MM1.4 even if I do not have any customers?

A. No, just send us a note stating "WE HAVE NO CUSTOMERS".

Q. Why do some of the MM NEW forms have 4 sheets instead of 2 sheets?

A. We added 2 sheets so you could fill out all 3 months of data in 1 spreadsheet instead of 3 spreadsheets.

Q. Who is required to fill out Form MM1.3?

A. Certified Electric Utilities, Certified Competitive Electric Coops, Power Marketers, Independent Power Producers/Distributed Generators.

Q. How do you want the forms filled out?

A. Please do the following:

Fill out all of the information for MM1.1 and the Cover Sheet Checklist.  Remember to check which EDU that you are certified to serve.

Make sure that you put in the correct Certification Number.  It will have the format of xx-xxx(x), [e.g. 99-999(1)].  Do not use the case number.

If you unprotect the spreadsheet, please remember to protect the spreadsheet and save the file.

Please use numbers instead of formulas.