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Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) & Standard Service Offering (SSO) Information

The links below are to files that show the Gas Cost Recovery (GCR) rates & Standard Service Offerings (SSO) for the four largest natural gas utilities in Ohio dating back to January 1996. These rates are adjusted quarterly to reflect changes in the cost of gas purchased by the utilities. The rate consists of two components: EGC and "adjustments." The EGC, or Expected Gas Cost, is the utility's estimate of the cost of the natural gas that will be purchased in the upcoming quarter. The "adjustment" component is a true-up mechanism that corrects for any over-or-under collections of natural gas costs in previous periods. Only actual costs are recovered through this mechanism, there is no profit earned on natural gas purchases. Natural gas utilities earn their profits through the distribution of gas and not through its  purchase and resale.

Gas Cost Recovery/Standard Service Offering Rate and Calculation Filings

The link below is to a table that displays the GCR rates and calculations and SSO rates filed with the PUCO by Ohio´s natural gas utility companies.

Gas Cost Recovery and Standard Service Offer Rates & Calculations for all of Ohio Gas Companies 
(most recent updates 11-17-14)

Historical Gas Cost Recovery/Standard Service Offering Rates

Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.      (01-01-15)

Dominion East Ohio      (01-01-15)

Duke Energy Ohio      (01-01-15)

Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio      (01-01-14)

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