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CHP Case Studies: Voices of Experience Workshop - June 20, 2012

This workshop shared firsthand experiences with financing, installing, and operating CHP systems between utilities, developers, regulators, and other stakeholders. 

Agenda | Archived webcast sessions 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


  • Combined Heat and Power 101 - Cliff Haefke - Regional US DOE clean application centers will provide technical assistance and feasibility analysis on a potential CHP project for your company.  Mr. Haefke explained the basics of CHP, facilities that will be regulated through EPA’s upcoming Boiler MACT rules, and the “spark spread” concept – the difference between the natural gas price and local electricity price. PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • Texas Medical Center Central Heating and Cooling Services Corporation - Ed Mardiate - TECO is a significant district heating system that serves a major medical facility in Houston.  Much of the project was funded through bonds.  The electricity produced provides a benefit to a congested area of the local electric transmission system.  PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • Lima Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Microturbine - Eric Markley - Lima WWTP has a rich history and large industrial base.  Many of the lessons learned with the installation of this 65kW microturbine will help you avoid some of these problems: i.e. clean the filters if using a waste biogas that contains siloxanes, insulate waste  biogas lines to prevent freeze-up, routine preventive maintenance goes a long way. PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • Toledo Landfill Gas & Digester Gas Cogeneration - Martin Ellman - This tri-fuel capable 10MW combustion turbine provides many lessons learned.  Talk with your utility early to avoid problems later.  Realistically grid connection will be necessary, because today’s utility service is very reliable – you’ll want that backup. PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • VA Medical Center - Dale Allard - This ARRA funded project competes for waste wood chips with a local paper mill, but it still provides reliable steam for the VA hospital facilities.  Great description of how this wood chip fired boiler works. PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • SunCoke Energy - James Skipworth - Well done explanation of coke making process.  The grid interconnection process was significant cost and time.  These waste heat recovery steam generators operate very well (thanks in part to the well-trained operators who run them). PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • Millennium Inorganic Chemicals - Selwin Gray and Tom McNay - Millennium contracted with Suez-Duke Energy Generation Services to build, lease, operate, and maintain a cogeneration plant.  This profitable  joint venture partnership allowed both companies to focus on their respective core businesses. PowerPoint Presentation | Webcast session
  • Panel discussion webcast