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Alliance of Uniform Hazmat Materials Transportation Procedures

The PUCO  is responsible for reviewing applications by carriers who wish to transport hazardous materials in Ohio. Hazardous materials carriers are required to file a uniform hazardous materials application with the PUCO. Carriers may not transport any hazardous materials until their application has been approved, and a permit has been issued to the company.

Ohio is a member of the Alliance of Uniform Hazmat Transportation Procedures. This program is a base state, reciprocal program, that has eased the administrative burden on industry while enhancing public safety. The program has the full support of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Under the program, each carrier of hazardous materials or hazardous waste applies for a permit from one of the participating states. After the base state has reviewed and approved the application, the permit is valid in all five states in the Alliance. Currently, the participating states are Ohio, West Virginia, Michigan, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Other states are considering joining the Alliance.

The goal of the Alliance is for the uniform program permit to be valid for hazardous materials operations on a national basis. If that goal is achieved, a carrier of hazardous materials would file an application in one state and receive authority to transport hazardous materials in all states.

Access a list of carriers that are registered with the Alliance to transport hazardous materials.